10 Best Honeymoon Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss: The honeymoon is a time to rejoice that union between two people who are deeply in love and are stepping into a fresh life together. This is one time when you will be able to run away from all the derangement of the world and just take a break and relax in the presence of the one who is going to share the rest of the life with you. However, when you plan onto a honeymoon, make sure that it is not like the usual and ordinary ones. This is something that is a once in a lifetime experience and hence you have to try to make it special, unique, romantic and moreover relaxing. When you do so, all those memories will last forever, and you will be able to cherish each and every moment.
Honeymoons come in all sizes and shapes. It could be a beach vacation, a ski trip or perhaps even a safari. All these depend upon the collective personality of the couple. So if you are desiring an unforgettable honeymoon and are wondering where to go, then you can consider these ten mesmerising places.

10. Florida:

Florida- This is one place which will give something to each and everyone, and it is also known for the affordable tour packages. You can lounge on the incredible beaches and also enjoy the fun-filled rides at the theme parks such as the Universal Studios, Florida. In terms of fun and enjoyment, Florida is never going to disappoint you. It has a very pleasant weather, and it itself will take you into the mood of a honeymoon. If you’re viewing at a laid back sort of Honeymoon, then you can check out the Key West with its tropical atmosphere, and it’s friendly locals you will surely find relaxation. Then there is the Paradise Coast, which will help you in relaxing your mind if you just take a stroll. The Walt Disney World Resorts, the beach of Gulf Iceland and Historic St Augustine are something that you should not miss out when you go to Florida.

9. Jamaica:

Are you looking for a place which has an active nightlife and a romantic getaway into the wilderness? Then Jamaica is calling you!! Jamaica is known for its resorts, beaches, foods, and various other activities which would make you feel lively and rejuvenated. They also extend a buffet of amazing experiences for the Honeymooners, and the one thing that you should not miss out on Jamaica is the Jamaica Bobsled ride. It is more like a single person roller-coaster ride through the forest!! How incredible would that be?? Another speciality of this place is the contrasting views of the Blue Mountains and also the Tropical beaches. Dunns River Falls is something magnificent, and a must see if you are planning a trip to Jamaica. Lastly, you could end your day perhaps with a candle-light dinner on a floating boat.

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8. Serengeti:

This is one best place to start your married life together since this could be considered as one of the exciting destinations within the Serengeti’s magnificent natural surroundings. You will be bale to experience enchanting escapades together. Serengeti is one of those latest honeymoon destinations that are just amazingly proficient of sharing a traditional feeling all around the newlywed couple. The key charm of this place is those safari lodges where all nature appears to collide with each other. You can take a quiet dip in those serene pools or perhaps even try some adventurous tours.

7. Croatia:

Croatia is one place which could be called as a heaven on earth with its ancient hill towns and Caribbean’s identical twin sea. They have real good truffles and olive oil. This place has earned its fame for celebrity visits to patch up its lately found excitements. This has been listed in most incredible honeymoon destinations for the romantic views experienced by couples on the beaches of Vis; a sidewalk particularly dotted with pine forest and colourful water of the sea. There are many areas to be covered in the package such as Rovinj or a rare visit to sunsets behind those enormous mountains.

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6. Canada:

Canada is one of those long forgotten places, when in terms of the honeymoon. However, now it appears that some of those newlyweds prefer to go to Canada during their honeymoon rather than visit the mystified islands which are enclosed by the sea! The impressive lakeside views out East to the bustling city life in Quebec, Canada can simply be your next honeymoon destination. Niagara Falls is Canada and cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal always make excellent vacation spots. Moreover, these destinations call out ‘privacy’, local exploration and lets you enjoy a quality time with your partner. The two most famous places in Canada namely Vancouver Iceland and Whistler’s Slope is something that you should not miss out if you are planning a honeymoon trip to Canada.

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5. Hawaii:

Hawaii is one place that usually takes one spot in the ten best destinations because of its unique natural settings like beaches and remote locations. Hawaii assures an extraordinary honeymoon experience with all those exotic tropical beaches. You can also go island hopping to Molokai, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai and Lanai. They present a rich spread of distinct environments to traverse. You could also go for a candle-light dinner in the beaches there, which will be lit up by the moonlight in the night. Sounds excellent right? If you are planning to go to Hawaii, then you should check out the Napali coast, which is known for those cliffs, the cause of the beautiful sunrise and sunset and also the beaches such as Hulopoe, Waikiki and Papohaku.

4. Greece:

Greece has experienced something of a revival over the recent years regarding stylish accommodation. It is a place where history will give you an invite to tour through its spectacles on earth. In addition to that are its accessibility and the rustic beauty of its islands as well as mainlands. All these positives make it one of the strongest contender among the best honeymoon destinations. The dramatic island of Santorini tops the wish list of many of the honeymooners since they have tranquil boutique hideaways such as Grace Santorini. Apart from Santorini, Mykonos are also known for its own distinctive historical climates. However, you should also make sure that you visit the Red Beach and Palace of Knossos if you plan to go to Greece.

3. Italy:

Have you ever checked the most visited places list? If you go through it, you will find that Italy has a place in it. The striking architecture and picturesque streets have made Italy famous among the magnificent cities in the world. Rome, Florence, and Venice are a few of the cities that you need to visit if you plan a trip to Italy. You will feel romance in the nook and corners of the city and hence makes it the right place to visit while you are on your honeymoon. You should also check out the magical Cinque Terre which is located in the Liguria region to the west of La Spezia. There are various other things such as having tasty food, taking a stroll in the moon-bathed roads and even visiting churches, where you will be bale to see incredible pieces of art and crafts.

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2. Mexico:

Food is what comes to everyone’s mind when you think about Mexico since you are likely to get exposed to a bombardment of real spicy food. However, that is not it. Apart from the tasty food, you will also have the opportunity to experience the idyllic beaches, ‘secret’ Aztec temples and also some grand festivities. The whole tropical personality of Mexico has marked it as a fantastic place to visit in which you will be able to find that Cancun is probably one of the most famous locations and you could even call it as a relaxation paradise! It has a warm weather and has clear blue-watered beaches. All this makes it one of the best choices for the honeymooners. Mayan Riviera, Nueva Vallarta and Huatulco could offer you some of the best stays if you are planning a Mexico trip.

1. Paris:

Paris- The City of Love and Romance. Who wouldn’t wish to go to Paris especially when you are planning a honeymoon? It would be hard for you to find a city that is more romantic than France and Paris. It is the city of lights, and it offers beautiful gardens, palaces and magnificent French style department stores too. All these makes Paris one of the most visited destinations by the honeymooners. So if you eat a dinner for two on top of the Eiffel Tower or perhaps experience melodies as you drift through the lavishly decorated streets, or enjoy the authentic French bread and the sweet wine, you will beget the time of your life in Paris. This fashion city is something you should not miss out on.

The places mentioned above are the top among the famous honeymoon destinations and hence all you need to do is choose any one of them, and you are surely going to enjoy the trip and take some memories along with you.

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