Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies

Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies : Armies are said to be an important part of a country and its security. For fighting, there are a lot of armies allocated in each year. There are lots of countries initiated to strengthen themselves militarily. The countries military strengthens by improving many things such as their possession; advanced technologies implemented, training, power and some allies, the size of the army, the budget allocated, etc. Here is a list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies.

10. Japan

Japan is one of the strongest armies in the world. Japan was the land of Samurais as well as it was a leading military force in WW-II. After the world war, II te army was prohibited. There was a fight between China and Japan when they started its military expansion. for the first time Japan increased its military spending to $49.1 billion and this is the world’s 6th highest. Japan army consisted 247,000 active members and occupied with 60,000 members. The main feature is that it is the 5th largest air force in the world with 1,595 aircraft. The army contains 131 war ships. Japan army is keeping a solid military presence in Asia through its previous defence initiatives.

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