Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies

Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies : Armies are said to be an important part of a country and its security. For fighting, there are a lot of armies allocated in each year. There are lots of countries initiated to strengthen themselves militarily. The countries military strengthens by improving many things such as their possession; advanced technologies implemented, training, power and some allies, the size of the army, the budget allocated, etc. Here is a list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies.

10. Japan

Japan is one of the strongest armies in the world. Japan was the land of Samurais as well as it was a leading military force in WW-II. After the world war, II te army was prohibited. There was a fight between China and Japan when they started its military expansion. for the first time Japan increased its military spending to $49.1 billion and this is the world’s 6th highest. Japan army consisted 247,000 active members and occupied with 60,000 members. The main feature is that it is the 5th largest air force in the world with 1,595 aircraft. The army contains 131 war ships. Japan army is keeping a solid military presence in Asia through its previous defence initiatives.

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9. South Korea

South Korea is also one in the list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies. South Korea’s border includes North Korea, and it has a powerful army and strongest since its starts. North Korea;s powerful army is a threat to South Korea. South Korea not only facing problems with North Korea’s powerful army but also facing problems regarding the increasing armament of China and Japan. South Korea forced to increase its defence expenditure and now it is  $34 billion. South Korea army includes more than 640,000 active members, and 2,900,000 additional members reserved. The main feature is that it is the 6th largest air force with 1,393 aircraft. The country is rich with its small 166 ships and has 15,000 land weapons, including rocket systems and  2,346 tanks. South Korea appear in military training with the US. 

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8. Turkey

Turkey is also one in the list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies. It is the 18th most populated country in the world. This Islamic state also has strong armies. It also faced many struggles and the struggle in Syria and the fight with the Kurdish separatist organisation named PKK which influenced Turkey to realise that Turkey has to prepare itself to face dangerous situations. Turkey army planned to increase its investment in defence during 2015 by 10%. Now its defence budget is above 660,000. Turkey’s air force consists 1000 aircraft. The military also includes 16,000 land weapons. The main feature is that it keeps strong diplomatic ties with the US.

7. Germany

Germany is also one of the Countries in the World with strongest Armies. Germany stands one of the strongest economic forces in the world. Apart from its spending around $45 million each year, the army’s condition said to be deteriorated from the past few years. This is because the generation born and brought up in the 1950-60s were against war and its atrocities and they had the thought of being killed by countries with strongest armies. It still discourages the people from joining the army. During 2011, the country dismissed mandatory military service just because to stop the country from being a militarised country. Germany army has 183,000 active members and 145,000 reservists. It includes 710 aircraft and on-land armament of nearly 5,000 of various kinds.

6. France

France is also one in the list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies. France also follows Germany’s lead the reason is that it took the decision to effectively  ‘freeze’ its military spending and decreased the defence jobs by 10% to save money for advanced technology equipment. At present its budget is at $43 a year, which is 1.9% of the country’s GDP. It is below the spending target as planned by NATO. It includes more than 220,000 members and 50,0000 reservists. It has 1,000 aircraft, along with 9,000 ground vehicles. The country will strengthen it arm forces with a total 290 nuclear weapons when to deteriorate the army force.

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5. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom also one in the list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies. It is also a member of the EU, and it also keeps a plan to decrease the size of the armed forces into 20%. The plan will be done between 2010 and 2018 and apply smaller cuts to the Royal Navy and RAF. The defence budget of the UK currently is at$54 billion.The United Kingdom includes 205,000 ordinary members and a small air force of 908 aircraft. The United Kingdom has a smaller navy of 66 ships, and the main feature is that the army of the UK is still strong and powerful when considering its superior training, equipment and its 160 nuclear weapons become the main strengths of UK army. The Royal Navy has planned to put to service HMS Queen Elizabeth in the year 2020. It is an aircraft carrier, designed for carrying 40 F-35B joint strike fighters around the world.

4. India

India is a rich country with its massive population, and the army used this large population to built an army of a sizeable about 3.5 million, including 1.325 million active personnel. India is also one of the Countries in the World with strongest Armies because of the huge size of the Indian military. India’s man force of the army is around 16,000, and land vehicles include 3,500 tanks along with 1,785 aircraft, alongside nuclear weapons. Indias is best known in Pakistan and China for its ballistic missiles. Indian army’s current defence budget is $46 billion, but it will increase soon to modernise the military power and become the 4th highest spender by 2020. It is the world’s largest military goods importer.

3. China

China is also of the Countries in the World with strongest Armies. China’s defence budget stands at $126 billion, and it is expected to increase its defence by 12.2%. It has a formidable size of the army with 2.285 million active frontline members. China army includes 2.3 million reservists and includes 25,000 land vehicles. All these things make it as the largest land force.  It has another 2,800 aircraft on its air force. China army has 300 nuclear weapons, alongside 180 different methods of their deployment. It is famous for its successfully stealing sensitive military technology. It has gained sensitive information about the new F-35 recently.

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2. Russia

Russia is also one in the list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies. Its current defence budget stands at $76.6 billion. There is a possibility to increase its defence budget by 44% within the next three years. the military spending of Kremlin has increased by about a third from 2008. We can see the Russian army’s growth from the collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago. The Russian army has 766,000 active frontline personnel and 2.5 million reservists, and the notable thing is that the soldiers get mediocre training. The man force of Russia is backed by 15,500 tanks, making Russia the largest tank force in the world, even though it is becoming old like other equipment. The country has almost 8,500 active nuclear warheads.

1. The United States

The United States is also one in the list of Top 10 Countries in the World with strongest Armies. The United States spends $612.5 billion on the military it is comparatively more than other countries’ budget. The United State has a powerful and strong army, and it maintains it very well. It consists more than 1.4 million soldiers and includes 800,000 reservists. The Army provides training to its soldiers to make active ground force and provides uniforms to men and women. It has a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers, while the carriers operated by the world together concludes to 12, in fact,  it is the world leader in aircraft production. Without any doubts, we could say that it is no.1 military force since WW-II. The US established cutting-edge technology like the Navy’s new railgun, and the country also has 7,500 nuclear warheads at its disposal.

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