Top 10 Beautiful Young Filipina Female Stars

Top 10 Beautiful Young Filipina Female Stars : Many celebrities established a significant role in their career, and they manage to make their place in the particular field. Some celebrities may come and go, but some stay in our heart, and they flourish and keep their significant place in their career. Some of these stars started their career early in a particular field but still some of the celebrities are waiting for their career to be established. We can say that some celebrities have received attention from all over the world just because of their skill in their career. People like those celebrities who are excellent in their career. Some celebrities do their work simply without any hard work, but they get attention from the public, and that is the difference from other celebrities. Some celebrities are still waiting for their time to shine in their career. Many Philippines stars established a significant role in their career. There are many brilliant and talented stars available in the Philippines but only a few people have established their place in their career even there having tight competition between the stars. We can discuss Top 10 Beautiful Young Filipina Female Stars

10. Myrtle Sarrosa

Myrtle Sarrosa is a Filipina actress, cosplayer, host and recording artist. She was born on December 7, 1994, in Iloilo, Philippines. Sarrosa is gorgeous with a pretty doe-eyed girl, and she is a very talented girl. Sarrosa got attention from all over the world through her talents in handling her career. She was the winner of  Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 then she became more popular among the public. In her hometown, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, she is the Sangguniang Kabataan President. Now she contracted to Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s home it is a talent agency where she was noted as one of the stars Magic Angels. She has gained attention from the public through her endeavors in cosplaying and she is cited as the number two cosplayer in the Philippines. She is very active on the front page of FHM and also appeared top magazines in the country. She back After a small break and appeared with the violent and more mature image and now she is going to win the heart of the people again.

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9. Janella Salvador

Janella Salvador is a Filipino actress, singer, and model. She was born on March 30, 1998, in Manila, Phillippines and she is famous for handling a role named Nikki in the recently defunct show ‘Please Be Careful With My Heart’. She has received attention from the public through this character. She also gained attention through her character named Sophie Z. Cepeda in daytime telescope Oh my G. Janella started her career in the film industry by acting a film titled ‘Haunted Mansion’ during 2015. She is a very talented girl having many skills. Janella is the daughter of a popular singer in the country back in the days named Jenine Desiderio. Her mother has an influence in her career and also inspired her to conquer the heart of the people. This beautiful and multi-talented girl making waves in the industry through keeping the nation entertained during commercial breaks with her dancing along to an ear-catching shampoo commercial dance video.

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8. Lauren Young

Lauren Young also known as Lauren Young is a Philippin0-Americanactress and model. She was born on November 8, 1993, in Alexandria, U.S. She is the younger sister of Miss world 2013 and actress named Megan Young. Then she transferred to GMA Network, and she had changed her manager and selected Pia Magalona, the wife of the late Francis Magalona. This beautiful and talented lady has enough skill and now she is going to make a place in the industry. She is now handling complicated and remarkable roles in the industry, and she is improving her talents by taking more challenging roles now. The main feature is that she is getting more beautiful nowadays.  It wouldn’t be a surprise to see her gracing beauty pageants in the future and becoming a beauty queen herself as well.

7. Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre is a  Filipina actress, main singer, backing dancer and former choreographer. She was born on October 31, 1993, in the Philippines. She became popular after completing the role named Eva Rodriguez in the film adaptation of Diary ng Panget. She also handled a character as Georgina Evangelista in the television remake of the Bates film series. Once she was a member and lead vocalist of a popular female group named Pop Girls. Then she separated from the group and became a solo singer. Lustre has received more attention through a significant role in  On the Wings of Love as Leah and the other half of the love team “JaDine.” Lustre is a leading actress in the Philippines and her remarkable movies are  “Diary ng Panget” (An Ugly’s Diary) and the latest one “Talk Back and Your Dead”  and these movies proves her talents. She has many fans and now she is getiing more attention from the public.

6. Julia Montes

Julia Montes is a Filipino-German actress and commercial model. She is very popular among the public through her leading roles in Philippine television dramas and movies. She became more popular with her role named Clara del Valle in the remake of Mara Clara. She has gained worldwide attention through her performance in the movies and television drama shows. Montes usually select mature roles in the films which are heart touching and makes our eyes wet. She is a very beautiful girl and having a big heart and the main feature about her that she never failed to entertain the audience by her acting. She had completed complicated roles in many films, and she also manages roles as an inspiration and an icon that makes our mind realize that celebrities also have their personal challenges to go through as individuals. She has received Princess of Philippine Television Award for her role as Katerina Alcantara in critically acclaimed phenomenal drama series Walang Hanggan (2012). Montes also received Best Actress Award at the 13th Gawad Tanglaw, and she is nominated for Best Supporting Drama Actress at the PMPC Star Awards for TV 2014.

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5. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne San Jose is a Filipino Singer, actress, model and television personality. She was born on May 17, 1994, in Quezon City, Philippines. She has received “Diamond Record Award” from the Philippine Association of the Record Industry for her album named Julie Anne San Jose, and the album sold over 150,000 units in the Philippines. She also gained Triple Platinum Award for her second album named ‘Deeper’ because of its reaching sales that are more than 45,000 units in the Philippines. This multi-talented girl conquers every people in the Philippines by her beauty and acting skill. The main feature of  Julie Anne San Jose is that she know how to handle almost every musical instrument with lungs that will reach high notes while moving like a like a Pro Hip Hop dancer. That is why she has so many fans. She is active in cover and mashup videos on YouTube. We can say that she is going to conquer everyone forever by her music.

4. Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez is a Philippine actress, television host, and commercial model. She completed her graduation in  Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in European Studies. Now she is working as a contract artist of GMA Network. She is the daughter of showbiz royalties Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon. Janine is coming from a background film family, in fact, she has the same blood. She has received attention from all over the world and has won the heart of the people through her acting skill. When comparing other celebrities, She is very lucky because she didn’t participate any auditions before appearing film industry like other celebrities did. She received many awards for her great contributions to the film industry. This beautiful and talented girl still active in the film industry and she doing her best for reaching the expectations of her loving fans.

3. Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is a Filipino-American actress and model. She was born on January 4, 1998, in California, United States. Pople saw her one film to another, and she came abruptly into the film industry. No one notices her first and then she became shine and now very active in the film industry. She began her career in so many television series and films. She managed many significant roles in many films, and she is also famous for her roles in such films like Wansapanataym (2011), Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo (2012), She’s the One (2013), Must Be Love (2013), and Got to Believe (2013). She got attention from the public through her role as the protagonist Maria Agnes Clay in the hit romantic comedy television series ‘Always’.  Then she completed many films including  Just The Way You Are, based on the Wattpad book, The Bet, and Everyday I Love You. She is the leading in her television series forever.

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2. Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto is a Filipino actress, and She is a talent of ABS-CBN and Star Magic. She was born on 10 March 1997 in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is another beauty from a showbiz clan. She first appeared in television shampoo commercials for a kiddie shampoo. Thus, she started her career by appearing few advertisements and tv programmes. Now she has a significant role in the film industry. She had improved a lot from the start, and now she gained a remarkable place in the entertainment industry. Now we can say that Julia Barretto has established a career in the film industry by completing many incredible films, and she has received recognition for her great contributions to the film industry. She sings, dance, hosts, acts, thus, she is an artist because she can handle many fields like an artist do. Now she is going to greater heights as she makes her way in the entertainment industry.

1. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo is said to be Queen Bee of her generation. This beautiful and talented girl conquer all people by her incredible acting. She is a Filipina actress and popular for her role named Mara in the Prime time Philipino drama ‘Mara Clara’. She is one of the contract artists of Star Magic and ABS-CBN since 2010. She has now completed a role as Ana Bartolome in a drama film entitled  Way Back Home. Her stardom started out with the well-supported team-up she has with King Bee of his generation – Daniel Padilla. She is active in commercials, movies, and televisions shows. She is a very talented actress, in fact, she had finished separate projects, and her fist self-titled album had launched. Now she is too busy fans can’t reach her, and she is by far the most celebrated teen-actress to date in the Philippine Showbiz Industry. The UK cited her r on “The Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World” list. She also played the role of protagonist Mike in the primetime series Princess and me.

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