Top 10 Best and Popular Nicki Minaj Perfumes 2016

Top 10 Best and Popular Perfumes in 2016: There are a lot of perfumes with the names of celebrities or stars. If there is a perfume with the name of your favourite celebrities, you will definitely want to purchase it. They are preferred by many also due to its sweet and pleasant fragrance. They offer long lasting fragrance and is the favourite of many women.  So here is the list of 10 most popular Nicki Minaj perfumes which is available in the online store. Go through the list and choose the best perfume that you like the most.

10. Perfume Gift Set of the Stars

Perfume Gift Set of the Stars

Onika Tanya Maraj is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer and songwriter. With the name of Nicki Minaj, a lot of perfumes got launched, and they are the most popular perfumes. This contains the best celebrity perfumes. The Perfume Gift Set includes Key from Justin Bieber, Minajesty by Nicki Minaj, and Taylor the perfume by Taylor Swift. So you can explore the different celebrity perfumes in this fragrance gift set. The pack contains perfume bottles which are all  33 ounces each. The perfumes of Nicki Minaj are noted for their unique fragrance.

9. Lady Gaga Fame

Lady Gaga Fame

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, you are going to choose Lady Gaga Fame over any other perfumes.  Lady Gaga Fame is the first fragrance created by American singer Lady Gaga. The liquid perfume is black in colour, like the scent, but it does become invisible once it mixes with the air. You can select the scent you prefer as it offers a lot of choices like honey, apricot, saffron, jasmine, and tiger orchid. It uses the “push-pull technology”, rather than the pyramidal structure traditional of perfumes. In 2013, the fragrance had sold more than 30 million bottles and had earned more than 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. Even now it is considered as the best aroma, and it is one of the most popular Nicki Minaj Perfumes in 2016.

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8. Meow! – Katy Perry

Meow! - Katy Perry

You are going to be attracted by its name, and due to its fun combination of scents that includes Gardenia, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tangerine, musk, and Jasmine. It is a fragrance created by American singer Katy Perry and Gigantic Parfums. The cat shaped bottle which is light pink and the collar is the letter “M” is really funny and beautiful. Katty Perry launched Meow! after the success of her previous fragrance Purr. She says that the perfume is sweet and “edible”.

7. Rollerball Pink Friday Inspired Perfume .33 Ounces


The Rollerball Pink Friday Inspired Perfume was launched in inspiration from the Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday. The bottle is very easy to carry in your handbags, and so you can spread the fragrance where ever you go. Pink Friday is the most popular perfume which has a seductive smell. The perfume was released in the year 2012.

6. Nicki Minaj Onika

Nicki Minaj Onika

Nicki Minaj Onika is one of the best perfumes and is liked by all the fans of Nicki Minaj Onika. This scent is considered to be sexy and mysterious. The bottle of the perfume has a sexy look with a black wig and a black bra with straps. Nicki announced that Onika “smells like angels in the garden of … perfection.” The perfume gives the scent of pears mixed with mandarin, water lily, orchid, white musk, sugar cane, and cedar. The perfume lovers choose Nicki Minaj Onika as it gives out sensuous fruity flavour.

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5. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Shower Gel, Parfum Spray, Body Lotion Gift Box

 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Shower Gel, Parfum Spray, Body Lotion Gift Box

This gift set contains 1.7 ounces of shower gel, 0.5 ounces of perfume spray, and 1.7 ounces of skin softening body lotion. Both the perfume and the lotion makes you feel fresh and sweet smelling the whole day. You can get all the products in a single box. The smell of these products lasts for a longer time so you do not have to apply it frequently. This can also be gifted to your beloved, and it will be the best present you have ever given.

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4. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 3 Piece Gift Set for Women

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 3 Piece Gift Set for Women

The Nicki Minaj also comes in Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 3 Piece Gift Set for Women. In this pack, you will get 3.4 ounces of shower gel, perfume, and body lotion. And this larger, non-trial sized version of Nicki Minaj is dedicated to the fans of perfume Pink Friday. This gift set is available in all the online stores.

3. Pink Friday Inspired Roller Ball 1.3 Ounce

Pink Friday Inspired Roller Ball 1.3 Ounce

The Pink Friday is the first perfume created by the Trinidadian-born American rapper Nicki Minaj with Give Back Brands in the year 2012. This Pink Friday Inspired Roller Ball 1.3 Ounce has slightly different smell than the original Pink Friday and is also cheaper. This is smaller version of the large Pink Friday. And as it comes in a small roller bottle, you can easily carry to anywhere. It is one of the most famous Nicki Minaj Perfumes, and it is mostly preferred by the fans of the Onika Tanya Maraj.

2. Nicki Minaj Minajesty

Nicki Minaj Minajesty

This perfume is different from other Nicki Minaj Perfumes. The bottle of the perfume comes in a different look, with pink wig and pink bra. As like all the other Nicki Minaj perfumes it has a sexy look. It comes in fragrances like red berries and lemon combined with peach, magnolia, and orchid. It also comes in vanilla and musk scents. All the Nicki Minaj perfumes are regarded as mysterious and sexy. Nicki Minaj Minajesty is one among them. Nicki Minaj Minajesty is the second fragrance from the singer Nicki Minaj. They are considered to be one of the luxurious perfumes in the world.

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1. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular perfumes in the world. It comes in various scents like star fruit, boysenberry, and mandarin and mostly the ladies favour lotus and jasmine. These two are the two seductive scents among the perfumes. This perfume is ideal for any time. The smell of the perfume will stay on your body or dress all day long. This is going to be your favourite scent. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum Spray is the best perfume of Nicki Minaj in the year 2016.


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