Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After You Graduate

Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After You Graduate: There are many places in the world which bring a different kind of experience in your life. When the time of graduation you have to reach many things like you have to reach class on time, hectic schedules, and also need to complete all projects and all. As students, we have no time to celebrate life by going somewhere. But after completing your graduation, you can visit several places which provide a special kind of experience. Thus, you can celebrate with your friends after your graduation by going for an excellent trip to somewhere. You can take a break from the busy and complicated world to extremely different place. Before you moving into your career, you can enjoy lots of things from different places with your special ones. People need a break from all activities by going for the trip which will be a pleasant trip. Every student has travel dreams in their mind. There are many places which will be suitable for your budget as well as it will give you a great experience. Here is a list of  Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After You Graduate

10. Turkey


In Turkey, you can see that there will be a perfect blend of European and Asian characteristic. Turkey includes many features split by the  Bosphorus Strait, the country’s culture, lifestyle, and cuisine all give you a beautiful blend of European and Asian characteristic. The place is very attractive with its high features. It is a perfect place to visit students who have completed their graduation, and it will give you a perfect experience. The main thing is that it is the place where you can visit with a reasonable budget. There are many beautiful sights including incredible landscapes to strikingly beautiful Mediterranean coastlines. Turkey provides you many exciting things than the other cities. There are many stunning monuments which bring you a different experience. If you once visit this place, you will never forget it in your life for sure. The beautiful thing is that you can find there the locals’ lives and middle eastern foods.

9. Bulgaria

The Balkan Nation has many features such as mountainous landscapes, alpine forests, beautiful countryside villages, countless monasteries and the main feature is that the sandy beaches. It is the perfect place for the people who like to walk for a long and hiking by landscapes. People can enjoy several things here, and students prefer this place to visit frequently for a nice experience. It will be a paradise for walkers, and they can enjoy the country’s rich and varied landscapes. Here we can find some winter sports so the people can enjoy by coming to these place too. When to compare to other European countries it is a far less travelled destination. If you are interested in visiting here you will get an outstanding experience you can enjoy everything with a reasonable budget. The country now gets improved a lot regarding its food and accommodation for its tourists.

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8. Peru

Peru is known as “The Land of the Incas” and the land has many features which attract everyone. Peru is one of the exotic places in the world. Here you can enjoy different kinds of sights, and the place is popular for the sacred valley and Machu Pichu. Machu Pichu shows the Peruvian culture. People prefer this place just because of its beautiful sights, and you can visit this place on a reasonable budget as it required travel around in local transport. If you are interested ti visit this place you can enjoy different kinds of experience by meeting new and different people, and also you can be new friends. There are different fascinating places in Peru which will show Andean sights, floating islands of Lake Titicaca and mysterious formations the Nazca lines to name a few.

7. Cambodia

Cambodia is a magic place and has many features. People used to visit here to get a different experience. It is an exotic land with a combination of cultural and historical highlights, and pristine natural vistas. This place is suitable for students who want to get relax from the busy world. In Cambodia, tourism is getting improved, and people can enjoy a variety of things. This stunning country explores many exciting sights, and we can enjoy those beautiful things, food, and accommodation at a reasonable price. People visit here just because of its long features. The main feature of this country is that the places and sights are very spectacular here, and you can find attractive and fascinating temples and many beautiful tropical beaches here. If you once visit here, it will be a memorable trip forever.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world and is home to more than 195 million people. Indonesia is a beautiful place having many features. The main feature is that the stunning sights and magnificent sceneries. If you once visit this place, you won’t be bored, and you can enjoy the full sights at reasonable costs. There are many things which explore to the people who visit there. The main feature is that you will have food and accommodation at a lower price. The place also facilitates you to buy variety things at a lower price. There are many things to see such as rolling hills of lush green rice terraces, dense jungle, exotic wildlife, and pristine beaches. The main spots of this place are that Bali, Lombok, and Jakarta. People can enjoy those beautiful sights through traveling a taxi.

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5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island found at the southern tip of India. The place is very popular for its stunning landscapes, wilderness, and beaches. If you have a plan to visit Sri Lanka, you can also enjoy many heritage ancient sites too. This will be a nice option to pick a place to visit during vacation. Sri Lanka will give you a calm and beautiful atmosphere where you can enjoy different kinds of experiences. People who are in a busy world can visit this place, and it will give you unforgettable memories for sure. There are many exciting sights including elephant orphanage in Pinnawala, the stunning rock fortress at Sigiriya. The main attractive thing is that the beaches at Bentota or acres of tea plantation and English hued country village at Nuwara Eliya. The country looks beautiful with charm, friendly, warm atmosphere.

4. Ireland

Ireland is famous for literature, scenic landscapes, lively nightlife, music and high spirits. It is a tiny island and has many features. There are many things to see in this place, and you can be easily accessible these things as it has light rail and bus service which will be suitable for your budget. Thus, you can enjoy everything from this tiny island by visiting this place. People choose this place just because of its great features. The place provides you every facilities at the cheapest rate including food and accommodation. The main feature of this tiny island is that we don’t need to spend more money to see the exciting places because it is free. The island surrounded by hills and low mountains. Ireland includes dozens of coastal islands, including Achill, the country’s largest. The other feature includes that the Aran Islands to the southwest of Galway and Valentia Island just off the Iveragh Peninsula. Thus, you can enjoy a wide range of exciting sights here.

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3. Dubai

Dubai is one of the dynamic cities in the world. Dubai is a stunning place where we can see many wonders. The nightlife of Dubai is just amazing one. We can see that the place never sleeps, and every people will be active at night. The city offers many facilities such as amazing accommodations, extravagant nightlife, amazing attractions, etc. There will be international events, festivals, shows. Thus, we can enjoy every type of experience. The main feature is that you can buy anything you want, and everything will be accessible in this city. Even we can enjoy these things at less cost. You can plan your trip including food and accommodation before our journey. There are many cheap taxis are available in Dubai, and you can enjoy everything. It is easy to go there as the city is a major stopover destination for most of the airlines and getting a Dubai Visa is an easy one.

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2. Netherlands

Netherland is famous for its population; the country is among most densely populated on Earth. The country separated into two areas that are the low and flat lands in the west and north, and the higher lands with minor hills in the east and south. The country has many features which attract people from all over the world. People prefer this place due to its high features. The main feature of this place is that the nightlife. We can see that they all are active during the night, and there will be many programmes to enjoy at night. Netherland is famous for tulips; Amsterdam provides food and accommodation at cheapest rate in hotels, and you can choose your accommodation according to your wish. There provides group accommodation in the country house or farm houses, if you are visiting this place with your friend’s group accommodation will be beneficial. You can see Amsterdam by train, and it will be the most reasonable price for students.

1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the stunning places in the world. It is an affordable destination to visit, and it attracts everyone by its rich Thai culture. Thailand has many features including different landscapes and scattered tropical islands. Bangkok is the place where we can see a different and active nightlife here. It is the perfect place where we can purchase many things at a reasonable price. We don’t need more money to stay here, and it is easily affordable for everyone. You can find an appropriate place to stay according to your desire. The main feature is that you will get quality things here at reasonable prices. They are providing this to travellers. In Thailand, we can see Thai Temples and pagodas and Thai cuisine. This is the perfect place for travellers, and they can enjoy different kinds of experience here.

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