Top 10 Best Film Museums in the World

Top 10 Best Film Museums in the World: Everyone love to watch films. They are one of the most powerful and inspirational media that can create an impact in cultural consciousness. The film is an art that uses the latest technologies or techniques. If you are a movie lover, you will be really loved to be in a film museum. These film museums can give you information about the history of the movies, influences, modern techniques of the films. They also give you ideas about the movies very deeply. If you are planning to learn more about movies and you, have to visit these film museums listed below. They are the best film museums in the world where you can enjoy and appreciate the great art form, i.e., Cinema.

10. Australian Center for Moving Image, Australia

Australian Center for Moving Image, Australia

It is located at Federation Square, in Melbourne. In 1946, the film museum was founded as the State Film Center of Victoria. The Australian Center for Moving Image is the second most visited museum or gallery in Australia. It is commonly known as ACMI. About 1.3 million people visited the ACMI film museum during the year 2013- 2014. This amazing film museum has played a role as an archive of Australian films, such as The Sentimental Bloke (1919) and On Our Selection (1920). Now it is always the main venue for various film festivals taking place in Australia. The ACMI museum has two main galleries, and they play every film, video, and they have the most extensive projection facilities. The two cinema halls are named as Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

9. National Media Museum, UK

 National Media Museum, UK

This famous film museum is a part of the national Science Museum Group, and it is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The National Media Museum was formerly known as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. It is one of the most visited museums, and it was established in the year 1983. This film museum was selected as the best indoor attraction in Yorkshire by the public. The National Media Museum permanently focuses on various arts including photography, television, animation, videogaming, the Internet and the scientific principles behind light and color. It has seven floors of galleries and has three cinemas. The film museum operates in collaboration with the Picturehouse Cinemas and has hosted several film festivals, which include the Bradford International Film Festival.

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8. Hollywood Museum, USA

Hollywood Museum, USA

Hollywood Museum is one of the best film museums of the world. The museum is situated in Hollywood, California. It is the number one film museum of the United States of America. The museum is famous for its historical collections of Amercian motion pictures and television. Mel’s Drive- In the restaurant is connected with this film museum. The museum exhibits four make rooms which were used by former Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor. This is a fantastic place from where you get more information about the history of Hollywood.

7. German Film Museum, Germany

German Film Museum, Germany

The German Film Museum has been merged with the German Film Institute. If you visit this excellent film museum, you are going to get a vast knowledge about the movie culture of Germany. The museum gives you detailed information about the various techniques used in the movies and at the same time the history of the cinema world. The German Film Museum, which is located in Germany, often colludes with skilled movie makers in cinematic experiments and produce new movies.

6. London Film Museum, London

London Film Museum, London

In the month of February 2008, the London Film Museum was established and created by Jonathan Sands. The film museum was dedicated to the British film industry. It was formerly known as The Movieum of London and was originally situated in County Hall, but moved to a Covent Garden location in April 2012. This film museum is one of the best museums of the world. A large number of visitors visit this beautiful film museum to know the history and techniques used by the filmmakers. The museum exhibits the costumes and sets from feature films. Ray Harryhausen – Myths & Legends and Charlie Chaplin – The Great Londoner are the two exhibitions that were hosted by the London Film Museum.

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5. Museum of Cinema, Ukraine

Museum of Cinema, Ukraine

It is a wonderful film museum that is located on the Odessa film studio in a historic mansion. This film museum mainly focuses on the development of cinema in the eastern part of Europe. The Museum of Cinema located in Ukraine. Before the film museum belonged to the Demidovoy – San-Donato family. It explores the invention of the cinema even before the Lumiere brothers, and that is the main thing that attracts a large number of visitors to this movie museum. It provides and exhibits the historical materials, from the invention of cinema to the postmodern, digital and avant-garde. It is the best museum that everyone should visit.

4. National Museum of Cinema, Torino

National Museum of Cinema, Torino

The National Museum of Cinema is situated in the Torino, and it is built inside the Mole Antonelliana tower. It is a world famous film museum, and it has achieved the thirteenth position among the most visited Italian museums. And the museum exhibits various historical objects of the Italian films. The museum has an extensive collection of movie posters, and it displays pre-cinematographic optical devices such as magic lanterns. The film museum has hosted the most famous Torino Film Festival. And it is also a venue fro several international film festivals. In 2000, a panoramic elevator with transparent glass walls was built, and it covers 75 meters ride in 59 seconds, in the single open space span of the building, which offers a 360 degrees panoramic view of the city. The Maria Adriane Prolo Foundation operates the National Museum of Cinema.

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3. The Museum of Film and Television, Berlin

The Museum of Film and Television, Berlin

Opened in 2000 as a part of the Deutsche Kinemathek, the German Film Archive and Museum for Film and Television. The collections of the film museum include different costumes, movie posters, photos, and architectural sketches. It has a library with extensive collections of books related to both film and literature. The museum gives the visitors a broad picture of the German film industry, especially during the period of Nazi regime. The Museum of Film and Television also hosts several film and television exhibitions.

2. Museum of Cinema, France

Museum of Cinema, France

Located in Paris, the museum of cinema history was opened in the year 1936. The museum displays the inspirational objects related with films, and they actually show the magnificent movie culture of the country France. Many great film directors and filmmakers visit this modern museum to know the real history of the films and the to know deeply about the movie as an art form. The museum has a great library that gives a lot of information regarding the movies. It is also called as La Cinematheque Francaise.

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1. China National Film Museum (CNFM)

China National Film Museum (CNFM)

The largest professional museum in the world, China National Film Museum is located in the northeast of Beijing. The film museum was established in 2005 to celebrate the 100 years of Chinese cinema. The museum has a large agricultural space of 38,000 square meters. The tourists from all over the world get attracted to this fantastic film museum. The museum is so large as it occupies a vast area of 65 acres. And when compared to other film museums the China National Film Museum has twenty permanent exhibition hall.

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