Top 10 Best Kpop Star in 2016

Top 10 Best Kpop Star in 2016 : There are many Kpop Stars, and they are famous for their great contributions to the music industry. It was formed in South Korea, and it is a music genre which gained attention from all over the world. Many people like these Kpop stars very much just because of their outstanding performance. Each band are unique and having multi-talents. Here is a list of Top 10 Best Kpop Star in 2016.

10. Psy

Psy is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper. He was born on 1977 in South Korea. He is best known for his humorous videos and stage performances. The outbreak of his career comes through his hit single “Gangnam Style”. The song got worldwide attention, and Psy becomes more popular among the public. This solo artist got many awards. He deserves to be one of the best Kpop stars since his song is very well-known all over the world. He is not only famous for singing but also for his unique dancing style. He keeps entertaining everyone through his performance that is why he earned many fans. His another hit, Gentle Man, is also popular, and many people are imitating his style.

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