Top 10 Best Luxurious Restaurants in the World

Top 10 Best Luxurious Restaurants in the World: All of us wish to have a healthy and happy meal, and if it is to dine at a posh restaurant that is going to be the most memorable meal of our life. For an ordinary man, these restaurants are not at all affordable. But you can have an enjoyable experience if you go for a date or other special occasions. You have to spend hundreds of bucks for one simple meal. These hotels are located in beautiful, and exotic places, and it also gives you a unique environment, luxurious service, and delightful foods. And these are the reasons of its high cost. A luxurious restaurant also tries to impress the customers in many ways. You can have the rare foods in the world from these expensive restaurants. The chefs in those restaurants are well experienced, and so they are having the status of celebrity. In every place, there would be a luxurious restaurant which offers the food culture of that place. And these restaurants are not easily accessible but are popular for being innovative and exceptional.
Here is the list of 10 priciest and fanciest restaurants in the world.

10. Beige (Tokyo)

 Beige (Tokyo)

Beige restaurant is one of the luxurious restaurants in the world, located in Tokyo. This restaurant attracts every food lover not only with its food but also with the restaurant’s stunning and attractive interior. It is Peter Marino who choose the color pallet and the materials to design the interior with subtle tones of beige underlined with accents of brown and gold. The Beige restaurant is located on the top of Chanel Ginza building. The kitchen of the Beige prepares fro you variety of dishes from every part of Japan and from France. The Executive Chef of the restaurant is Kei Kojima, who tries to bring out the natural flavors from each ingredient. It is one of the restaurants in the world worth dining.

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