Top 10 Best Mystery Writers Of The World

Top 10 Best Mystery Writers Of The World: Everyone love to read a mystery novel. The mystery stories usually will be about detectives solving crimes or puzzle. The mystery story takes us through suspense, shocks and at the end creates a sense of resolution in the audience. The plots and twists in the story heighten the dramatic tension. And a brilliant writer is the one who takes the readers through the dark lives and mysterious secrets of the world. Only a talented writer can develop the suspense element and find a logical solution which makes the readers disturbed and at the same time a relief that the mystery is solved. The mystery writers mainly focus on the action and gritty realism. You need a great imagination and experiences to create a great mystery story. Here is the list of the most talented and best mystery writers of the world.

10. Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen is the most popular name in America. Ellery Queen is the pseudonym of the two great writers Daniel Nathan and Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky. They were cousins from Brooklyn, who have written mystery fictions and detective stories. They both gave rise to the fictional character Ellery Queen. He is a mystery writer and detective who helps his father, Richard Queen, a police officer of New York in solving many crimes. During the 1930s and much of the 1940s, that detective-hero was possibly the best known American fictional detective. Dannay and Lee have written more than 30 novels and several short story collections, and this fictional character was the hero. The character became world famous, and it was adapted for many television programs, comics, graphic novels and other shows.

9. P. D. James

P. D. James

An English crime writer, Phyllis Dorothy James, who rose to fame for her series of detective novels with the police commander and poet Adam Dalgliesh. James stories were really enjoyed by the readers and were adapted for many tv shows. In the 1980s, her novels were modified for television by Anglia Television for the ITV network in the UK. The feature film Children of Men (2006) was based on P.D James novel The Children of Men. She was reportedly pleased with the adaptation and proud to be associated with the film. The Adam Dalgliesh mysteries include Shroud for a Nightingale, The Black Tower, Death of an Expert Witness, A Taste for Death and Death in Holy Orders.

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8. Lee Child

Lee Child

Lee Child became very popular when he published his first novel Killing Floor in 1997, and he was awarded the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. Lee Child is the pen name of Jim Grant. Jack Reacher, an American military police officer, is his most well-known hero. Through the Jack Reacher book series, he presents a character who wanders the whole United States to solve the mystery. He himself characterized his books as revenge stories. Through Lee’s hardboiled and commercial style, he has conquered the hearts of many readers. He is one of the most talented mystery writers of the world. His other novels are One Shot, Persuader, Echo Burning and The Enemy and so on.

7. Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith was known for her psychological thrillers. She was an American novelist and short story writer. Patricia has written twenty novels in total, and that include the series of five novels with Yom Ripley as the hero. Strangers on a train was her first book which was adapted for many stage and screen shows especially by Alfred Hitchcock. And the 1951 film adaptation of the novel strengthened Highsmith’s reputation. Her second novel was The Price of Salt. The Talented Mr. Ripley was her most known mystery novel, and it was adapted into a movie in the year 1999. She was an extraordinary writer whose writing style was really different from other authors.

6. Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler

Screenwriter and British-American novelist, Raymond Chandler is one of the best mystery writers of America. He decided to become a writer after losing his job at the oil company. He began bt writing many short stories like Blackmailers Don’t Shoot. He began her writing career at the age of forty-four. In 1939, Chandler published his first novel The Big Sleep. Raymond was elected as the president of the Mystery Writers of America. He died on March 26, 1959. Many7 regarded him to be a founder, along with Dashiell Hammett, James M. Cain and other Black Mask writers, of the hard-boiled school of detective fiction. Chandler’s three masterpieces are Farewell, My Lovely (1940), The Little Sister (1949), and The Long Goodbye (1953). Chandler had created a significant position by his writing style on American literature.

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5. Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle was a British writer and physician, and he is famous creating the world-famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. He is crime writer as well as a mystery writer. Doyle has also invented the character Professor Challenger. The Challenger stories include what is probably his best-known work after the Holmes oeuvre, The Lost World. A mystery story of Mary Celeste is also one of his contribution to the literary world. The Mystery of Cloomber was his first novel which was published lately n the year 1888. At his time, he was the most well-paid writers. He has created a lot of mystery stories. And they are read and enjoyed by lakhs of people all over the world.

4. Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe is the most famous personality in the literature world. His tales of mystery and the macabre made him a best-known writer and poet. Poe is an American writer and literary critic. He has created a large number of mystery stories. Poe’s works have been adapted for several films, music, television, theaters and further literature. He is considered to be a central figure of Romanticism in the United States and American literature as a whole. Through his mystery poems and short stories, he tried to show the dark sides of human lives. Apart from mysteries, he has also experimented with satires, tales, and hoaxes. The Mystery Writers of America awards the Edgar Award every year to the best works in the mystery genre. Allan Poe is considered to be the one who has credited with inventing the detective fiction genre.

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3. Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins

William Wilkie Collins is most famous for his novel The Moonstone, the first modern English detective novel which was published in 1868. Collins is a playwright and short story writer. His mystery novels are read by many even now. He has created a great place in the literary world through his writing style. His notable works are The Woman in White (1859), No Name (1862), and Armadale (1866). His novels were called as “sensation novels.” Some of Collins novels were published in the Dickens’ journals “All the Year Round” and “Household Words” and two of them collaborated on dramatic and fictional works. Collins became famous through his mystery novels.

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2. Dorothy L. Sayers

Dorothy L. Sayers

Dorothy Leigh Sayers most celebrated character is the amateur detective and English aristocrat Lord Peter Wimsey. She was a well-known crime writer in English. Dorothy has translated Dante’s Divine Comedy, and it is one of her best works. Apart from being a mystery writer, she is also a well-known translator, essayist, poet and a teacher. Sayers wrote during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. “Whose Body?” is her first detective fiction and after that, she has written many numbers of mystery stories. Sayers introduced the character of detective novelist Harriet Vane in Strong Poison. Through her works, she has also shared the difficulties of the First World War veterans.

1. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

The world’s best-selling writer of all time, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie was born in 15th Septemeber 1890. She was made Dame for her contribution to the world literature in 1971. Agatha Christie is known for her sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections. The Mousetrap is the world’s longest-running play and murder mystery wrote by her. The Mysterious Affair at Styles, featuring the character of Hercule Poirot is her first book but was lately published. Her investigation stories revolve around the characters of Parker Pyne, Harley Quin/Mr. Satterthwaite and Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. Christie was the first recipient of the Mystery Writers of America’s highest honor, the Grand Master Award in 1955. Agatha Christie comes in the third place in the world’s most extensively distributed books, right after Shakespeare’s plays and the Bible.

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