Top 10 Best Selling Ladies Handbags of 2016

Top 10 Best Selling Ladies Handbags of 2016: Like wearing beautiful dresses, a woman also takes particular care in wearing colourful and beautiful handbags. Colours, shapes, sizes and materials matter when it comes to handbags. The thing is, a handbag has to be fashionable at the same time it should be the most comfortable one. Every woman desires to carry the best bag which suits her the most. The bag should be fashionable and stylish. There are a lot of brands which produce trendy and stylish handbags. The biggest names in fashion, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel and so on. These brands release a wide variety of handbag models, styles and attractive designs each and every year. So in this article, you are going to see the best selling handbags of 2016.

You can select from this list the best hand bag that matches your budget and personality. A trendy and stylish handbag can make you look beautiful.

10. Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Christian Dior commonly known as Dior has released wonderful bags which can meet all your conditions. Dior is a European luxury goods company which was founded in December 1946. Now the company is controlled and chaired by French business person Bernard Arnault, who also heads LVMH – the world’s largest luxury group. This is an expensive brand. But Dior handbags are the most trendy bags on the market. They are the best quality bags you ever wish to own. Christian Dior will not make you disappointed in any way.

9. Burberry


Burberry is a British luxury fashion house which has its headquarters in London, England. Thomas Burberry established the company in 1856. It produces the best quality products in the world. This brand has an extensive collection of handbags which are luxurious and elegant. Burberry takes extra care in launching different types of designer bags every year to attract the customers. And Burberry is something every woman desire. You can be proud that you own a Burberry hand bag.

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8. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is famous for their quality products. This is a favourite brand of many film actresses. They launch stylish and modern bags every year. They are going to blow your mind with their designs and colours. Marc Jacobs was established in New York. Now it has many outlets all over the world. This company is not only famous for handbags but also for watches, perfumes and designer clothes.

7. Parade


Parade is one of the oldest and expensive brands in the world. They release trendy bags suitable for all women. As there is a wide collection of bags, you can select the best bag appropriate for you. This is one of the best selling handbags of 2016. Apart from handbags, this company also releases jewellery, shoes and other accessories for men, women and children.

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6. Balenciaga


Balenciaga was founded in Spain, and it is one of the most leading brands of 2016. This brand is expensive and at the same time affordable. You will not regret after buying a Balenciaga. They are famous for expensive designer handbags for women. Balenciaga offers impressive collections of stylish bags which is suitable for different occasions like parties, office, etc. This brand was founded by  Cristóbal Balenciaga, a Spanish designer, born in the Basque Country, Spain.

5. Hermes


Hermes is the most popular brand in France. The company offers the customers a wide selection of stylish bags. They are famous for good quality leather products. Hermes brand has been inspired by numerous style icons such as Princess Grace of Monaco and Jane Birkin. Hermes is selected by all women who love to wear classic leather bags. Hermes is one of the best selling handbags in the world. They offer you bags in attractive colours.

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4. Coach


This brand offers you accessories and gifts for women and men, including handbags, men’s bags, women’s and men’s small leather goods, footwear, outerwear, ready-to-wear, watches, travel accessories, scarves, sun wear, fragrance, jewellery, and other accessories. This is an American luxury brand which is famous worldwide. Since its establishment in 1941, this brand is he favourites of all Americans. Now it has outlets all over the world, and this is the best selling brands of 2016.

3. Chanel


Chanel is the brand chosen by all women who loves fashion. In the fashion world, the name Chanel is very familiar. Chanel is a French, privately held company owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturier Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. All women desire to buy the best hand bags of this brand. They are of high quality, and that is the reason why many of the celebrities prefer it. This is an expensive brand, but it is worth buying. You will not be disappointed after the purchase of a product of this brand. This is the oldest brand which provides quality products.

2. Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors company is widely known for its products like watches, handbags and other accessories. This is an American luxury fashion company which was established in 1981. This brand has more than 550 stores and over 1500 in-store boutiques in various countries. Micheal Kors is a brand which is popular among teen girls. The brand offers a wide variety of bags which suits all women. They are really very experienced, and it is not affordable for ordinary buyers.

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1. Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Kate Spade New York is the brand founded by Kate Spade in 1933. It is the best selling handbags in the world. The brand became popular among the customers due to its high quality leather bags. This brand competes with Michael Kors and Coach Inc. As it offers the products of good quality, the people do not care about the expense. They offer you trendy bags which you can carry with all your favourite dresses. If you want to look most fashionable, Kate Spade is the best choice you can make.

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