Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World : There are many places to visit during vacation which will bring you everything that you desire. People used to search some special places to visit before starting a vacation. There are thousands of interesting places and thousands of hotels which will help you to enjoy the trip completely. If you want to get a memorable trip you have to find the right place. A good trip will give you some memories, and it will be a good experience in your life. Sometimes we look more places to find out which place is suited for children. Some places will offer best memories to our kids and which will stimulate them. Some of the places include many facilities such as swimming pool, playground on the beach, kindergarten, babysitter, and special programs for children like theater, animation, karaoke, contests, outdoor disco and sports. We can see that some places are very attractive and beautiful which give you a different experience. These places may offer different kinds of facilities for families, kids. That is why people prefer these places. Here is a list of Top Ten Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World. 

10. Fantasy Land Hotel

Fantasy Land Hotel is one of a kind luxury hotel situated in Canada, provides many facilities. All rooms are designed in luxury and North American style. It is located in right inside West Edmonton Mall and features 235 classically decorated guest rooms and 120 fantasy-themed rooms designed to recreate a specific place or era. This hotel is very popular for its incredible services. People like this hotel very much just because of its high qualities. This hotel brings a full experience by connecting fun and relaxation. It offers swimming pool and the children will enjoy the swimming pools from inside the water park and which includes 17 different categories. It will be beneficial for beginners to advanced people. This hotel having many advantages that are people can choose to skate at the ice palace by which you can enjoy every beautiful sight offered by the resort. Ther will be playgrounds in Galaxy Land which also give a different experience.

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9. Adventure Suites

It stands one of the most attractive theme hotels in the world. Adventure suits also are known for best travel spot for chidren. This hotel perfectly suits for families. It is different from other hotels because it will give the adventure and magic. The main feature of this hotel is that the hotel suits not only couples and families but also for children. Thus, children can enjoy several things here during vacation. If you visit once in this hotel, it will be a great experience in your life. The main feature is that the children will not get bored for a long time. The hotel provides facilities for celebrating birthdays and other functions. This hotel is designed for everyone so that everyone can enjoy a wide range of facilities. People can choose the rooms according to your needs and each room, and apartments are different. The another feature is that there are stunning sights surrounded by the hotel so that the guest can enjoy those sights too.

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8. Nick Hotel

Nick Hotel also known as Nickelodeon Family Suits was Nickelodeon-themed hotel in Orlando, Florida, USA. The hotel is situated near the Universal Orlando Resort. It has many features. The main feature is that the hotel will give moments that are unimaginable. You can enjoy water parks; you can visit the mall. The another facility offer by the resort is that you can enjoy your time with watching 4-D cinema and also relax at the spa with your child. This hotel is designed for everyone so that everybody can enjoy its wide range of facilities. The 4-d cinema will give a fun experience as it has a power which children can imagine the sensation of being part of a movie. This resort having many advantages and the people can enjoy different kinds of celebration with this hotel. The features include smoke-free resort features two restaurants, two outdoor pools, and a fitness center. Free WiFi in public areas, free self-parking, and a free theme park shuttle are also provided.

7. White Pod

White Pod is also stands one of the best travel destinations for children around the world. It is located at a private ski area in Switzerland. It is a wonderful destination to visit during vacation. It will give you an unforgettable experience for sure. It has received World Prize in 2005 for sustainable tourism. The resort has many advantages the main feature of White Pod is that provides 15 domes located on wonderful mountain grasslands. The tourists can enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere. This resort is all about adventure so that the children who like adventure can enjoy very much. This is the perfect place for the people who want to get excited about interesting things like new challenges. This resort is not only for kids but also enjoy everyone. Pople can enjoy beautiful sights, the beauty of the mountain while riding a sled pulled by dogs or walking with a guide on well-established routes.

6. Artist Residence

Artist Residence is a guesthouse having 11 rooms. This hotel is suitable for romantic couples and also for families. This hotel is also suitable for children and people who loves arts can enjoy here. This hotel is different from other hotels as it is designed for art lovers. This guesthouse has many features as it is designed by British artists. The main feature is that the rooms are unique and decorated for the convenience of tourists. It is totally different from other resorts and hotels. It is designed with Georgian style which also mixed with the contemporary style that is why it looks stunning. We can enjoy many things inside the resort. We can feel and calm and comfortable inside the rooms. There will be exhibitions in rooms so that the children who love arts can enjoy a wide range of sights. The main feature is that the students can improve their imagination power and creative side through this hotel. There is room in downstairs which is designed completely white and looks beautiful.

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5. Aqua Fantasy

Aqua Fantasy is suitable for families and children during vacation. It is a modern retreat situated in the green area of Kusadasi. It has many features, and it provides many facilities to the people. If you are a plan for visiting this place, it will be a great choice for you because you can reach there by short transfer from Izmir airport and you can enjoy a variety of things there. Aqua Fantasy is the most famous water park in Turkey, and the park welcomes 5000 visitors daily. It includes a lazy river, wave pool and a mass of other waterslides. There is a beach just 50 meters away from Aqua Fantasy. The architecture of Aqua Fantasy similar to that of the medieval times and it looks special one. Children can enjoy many things here, and brave people can jump into the water through castles, towers, and stairs. The main feature is that there will be animation shows which will entertain you. It is specially designed for youngsters, and they will have fun with new things. There are lots of playgrounds and games for childrens.

4. Cavallino Bianco

Cavallino Bianco also stands one of the greatest destinations of all time. This amazing luxurious hotel is specially designed for families. If you are a plan on visiting this place, you will get a good experience for sure. Children will not get bored because there will be 13 hours a day of fun with the qualified staff. You don’t want to worry about children because the children are supervised at all time so that the parents can relax in the spa salon and beauty center. Lino land is a 1250 m area where children can play billiards can become pirates, play with Lego, can learn to “cook” and can do many other exciting activities. Children will get ice cream and drinks throughout their stay. Children can enjoy a variety of things here that is children can ride the slides, can build sand castles, can climb walls and participate in car racing.

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3. Holiday Village Rhodes

Holiday Village is a resort located in Greece, on the Columbia shoreline near from the beach. It is made different because it doesn’t harm the environment in any way. It has many features and people like this resort very much due to its incredible features. It has combines luxury, comfort and spacious rooms which include fun activities. If you want to make a trip for vacation, it is the best travel destination for a vacation. The children can enjoy a wide range of activities like animators, and there are several clubs like kids club. Children are welcomed to join the football team, to shoot with the bow, and the children can also enjoy with volleyball and have fun in the water park. You can also watch variety films in Holiday Village. Thus, Holiday Village will give relaxation and fun with your family.

2. Disneyland Park Paris

You can enjoy a magical journey through five incredible lands when you are going Disneyland Park. You will be accompanied by pirates, fairies and cartoon characters. The main feature is that the park was created long back but still it has the same fascination and amazement. That is why people prefer this place as a holiday destination. Disneyland Paris combines two theme parks that are one shopping center, one dining district and one for entertainment. The kids can enjoy a wide range of things including many games which will help the children to increase the imagination power. Children can meet favorite Disney characters and can hug and can take pictures with them. This park is specially designed for children. The children can ride a train or horse-drawn carriage and a venture in Mission Space 2, Laser Room, Island Adventures, Alice’s Labyrinth and many other adventures.

1. Legoland

Legoland is the most famous amusement park designed for families and kids. This amusement park is designed for everybody, and everyone can enjoy a variety of things. It looks attractive with its colorful design, and if you once visit this place, you won’t forget that day forever. You can enjoy your vacation in a magic world. It is separated into 10 zones each having many activities, especially for children. Miniland is the heart of this amusement park where you can discover a wonderful world in miniature, built from approximately 20 million Lego pieces. Children can learn to drive from Legoland, and if they did well, they would get a license only inside the park. It has many features and children can enjoy a variety of things here. It is one of the most attractive places in the world.

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