How to Propose a Girl? – Top 10 Unique Ways

You have finally found a girl and thinks she can be your right partner. But you are confused how to propose her. Letting a girl know of your romantic feelings for her in creative and best way is a difficult task. How to propose a girl?? is a big question that every guy faces.  You need to plan the best way to propose her and impress her.

Here are the ten best ways to propose a girl of your dreams. Through your proposal, she has to know your true feelings towards her.

Best 10 Ways to Propose a Girl

Propose a Girl
1. Be Yourself

Be what you are and express yourself. Do not panic. The proposal should be simple and express yourself in simple words. Attempt to capture her attention and be confident. Look into her eyes express your desire. Talk freely and convey what is in your mind in simple and few words and be careful not to make a lecturing. The right choice of words to express yourself is important. You need a perfect planning before approaching her

2. Candle lit Dinner

This is the most romantic and great way to propose a girl. It is better to choose your home for this than choosing a restaurant. Candles create a mood for a romantic evening, and it turns out to be a special place. To make it more special, you can prepare and cook with your hands your girl like to have. The dim light atmosphere created by the candles creates the beautiful moment to propose. Playing sweet romantic songs in a small volume enhance the mood.

All this can make your girl very happy, and there is no way she would reject your love. This is going to be a wonderful moment for both of you.

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3. Place Where You Met First Time

This is a creative way to propose her. You can bring her to the place where you met each other. For this, you need a proper planning. You have to recreate the same moment and propose her with a ring. And is going to be an everlasting memory for her. This is one of the romantic ways to convey your feelings. She is really going to be impressed.

4. Special Day

Proposing on a special day is a special way to reach to her mind.Almost all guys propose on Valentine’s Day. It now time to think differently and choose a day that has special meaning for both of you, like her birthday, anniversary of your friendship or any special day when she is so happy. You have to use the occasion properly and carefully. That is going to be a real surprise for her and in a happy mood, she will accept your proposal. You can also choose Christmas Day, Eid Day, or any special day of your college.

5. Proposal During aMovie Break

The proposal during a movie break gives a great surprise to her. As she is fully immersed in the movie, she won’t even imagine that sweet question from your part. And it is a creative way of proposal to win her heart. This kind of proposal really workout. All you have to do is to take an effort to edit and compile a short romantic movie that pops the special question during the interval. This is going to be the most surprising proposal, and it would be real fun to watch her reaction.

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6. T-shirt proposal

T-shirt proposal is an easy and creative way to have to get a plain T-shirt printed with the text ”Do you Love Me ” or ”I Love You”. And wear a jacket or shirt over it and take her to a place where you usually meet and reveal what you have hidden under your jacket or shirt with a smile.This is a simple and cute way to express your message to her.

7. Picnic in the Park

This is a better idea to propose a woman whom you really love. Choose a perfect place for picnic that offers you a nice and beautiful views of hills and valleys or lake.For this you need a little planning. You can bring her chocolates that will make her happy. And if you are a good chef you can cook and bring her favorite food. You can surprisingly propose her with a ring hidden in some food. Try to select a quiet and cool place that helps you to express your feelings and the picnic can be made more memorable by singing romantic songs for your lady love.

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8. Radio Proposal

Being creative in proposal helps you a lot.And this is one of the creative and the best way to propose a girl You can dedicate a song to her through that can create a way to her heart. A beautiful romantic song can create wonders.

You can also call your local FM station and openly express what you feel towards her before or after the dedicated song. The words you speak should be something memorable and sweet. Any girl would love the guy who shows the guts to propose her in front of many people listening to the radio waves,

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9. Surprising By Hiding In a Box

Surprising by hiding in a box is an easy and funny way to propose a woman. All women love surprises, and this is the best way to surprise your love. This way sounds interesting and easy but at the same time, it needs a lot of coordination to execute this proposal. And you also may need a help of one of your friends. You have to hide in a box wrapped in gift paper, and when she is walking towards the box, your friend should give you the signal.It would be a great surprise for her when you are holding a ring in your hand and waiting to be unwrapped. She would be wonderstruck and would definitely accept your proposal.

10. Banner Proposal

The banner proposal is a good idea and that makes your proposal very simple. If you are afraid of rejection, or you can’t express your feelings, then you can do it with the help of banner. You have to create an attractive banner saying ”I love you” or ”Will you marry me?”. It is better to use the endearment or nickname that you usually call her than using her real name. You can make your banner interesting according to your creativity or use her favorite colors. In this way, you can make your proposal fantastic and perfect.

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