Top 10 Cheapest Vodkas Brand in 2016

Top 10 Cheapest Vodkas Brand in 2016 : Vodka is one such drink which loved and appreciated by lots of people. There are different types of vodka brands available in the market. Some vodka brands are very expensive, and some of them are available at the cheapest rate. People like this drink very much just because of its taste. People used to buy vodka to enjoy during night. If you want to save money, you can buy vodka at the cheapest rate which is available on the market. There are some vodka drinks which will get at a reasoble rate and will be very tasty. Here is a list of Top 10 Cheapest Vodkas Brand in 2016.

10. Firefly mint tea

Firefly‘s mint-flavored version of its classic Sweet Tea Vodka is indeed a bit of a distraction from what makes this vodka stand out. This mint tea vodka is different from other vodka drinks. It will not give you high feeling, but you can enjoy this drink by just sip down this original mint tea vodka. It is a healthy slug of mint, but the tea is authentic and will be smooth. The mint is rough, and a bit artificial taste and this taste will come at the end and which goes out not with a tapered code but with an almost harsh sharpness, its touch of Altoids leaving you not ready for sip two but begging instead for an extra splash of water.

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