Top 10 Chinese Beauties of 2017

4. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei was born on 12 March 1976 and is also known as Vicki Zhao. She is a Chinese actress, pop singer and a film director. She is recognised one of the most famous stars in China and Chinese-speaking regions.

She is yet another Chinese multi-talented lady who is also beautiful. Zhao Wei was also among one of the Four Dan Actress of the nation since she is an actress, film director and a singer. My Fair Princess is the movie that made her famous in one night, and she also bagged the Golden Eagle award for this film. Her singing career began in the year 1999 and released her first album called ‘Swallow’. She is the one who directed the film So Young which released in the year 2013, and her blockbuster movie was Shaolin Soccer which was released in 2001. She secured six awards for this film. People loved her beautiful looks and considered her the most stylish female artist in China.

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