10 Claims of Physical Evidence Showing Reincarnation

10 Claims of Physical Evidence Showing Reincarnation : Many religion believes the existence of reincarnation. Paranormal Investigators thoroughly investigates about events of the old soul which appearing in new bodies. The following incidents not yet scientifically scrutinised as well as not verified. These stories have something to say, and it might be beyond our imagination. These stories may contain unexplainable evidence and mysteries. Here is an ist of 10 Claims of Physical Evidence Showing Reincarnation.

10. Transferred Birth Marks

In many parts of Asia, there is a belief exists that if one person dies, the relatives will mark on his or her body with the hope that the soul of the deceased will be reincarnated within the same family. The mark is the evidence of the rebirth, and it indicates the soul has been reborn. During 2012, a professor and psychiatrist named Jim Tucker has presented a paper showing a detailed study of the families with children who were born with the same marks corresponding to their dead relatives. A boy named K.H. from Myanmar was noted for the birth marks on his left arm in the same place where his grandfather’s body had been marked, and his grandfather had died 11 months before his birth. Many people were victims of this event. The main thing is that K.H. ‘s mother dreamed of her father saying “I want to live with you” when she was pregnant. The family believes that the dream has come true.

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