10 Claims of Physical Evidence Showing Reincarnation

10 Claims of Physical Evidence Showing Reincarnation : Many religion believes the existence of reincarnation. Paranormal Investigators thoroughly investigates about events of the old soul which appearing in new bodies. The following incidents not yet scientifically scrutinised as well as not verified. These stories have something to say, and it might be beyond our imagination. These stories may contain unexplainable evidence and mysteries. Here is an ist of 10 Claims of Physical Evidence Showing Reincarnation.

10. Transferred Birth Marks

In many parts of Asia, there is a belief exists that if one person dies, the relatives will mark on his or her body with the hope that the soul of the deceased will be reincarnated within the same family. The mark is the evidence of the rebirth, and it indicates the soul has been reborn. During 2012, a professor and psychiatrist named Jim Tucker has presented a paper showing a detailed study of the families with children who were born with the same marks corresponding to their dead relatives. A boy named K.H. from Myanmar was noted for the birth marks on his left arm in the same place where his grandfather’s body had been marked, and his grandfather had died 11 months before his birth. Many people were victims of this event. The main thing is that K.H. ‘s mother dreamed of her father saying “I want to live with you” when she was pregnant. The family believes that the dream has come true.

9. The Child Born With Bullet Wounds

Stevenson was a psychiatry professor who used to investigate about reincarnation. He was from University of Virginia and during 1993, he submitted a paper in the  Journal of Scientific Exploration denoting the birth marks and birth defects which are linked to past -life memories. His findings say, the majority of birth defects are said to be formed by “unknown causes”. A child from Turkey shows the life of a man who was killed by a shotgun. The records say that the man died after six days of injuries followed by a blast to the right side of his skull. The boy’s birth was questioned whether it is the cause of unilateral microtia a malformed ear and hemifacial microsomia, which is the underdevelopment of the right side of his face.

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8. The Patient Who Killed And Married Her Son

Brian Weiss, the chairman of the psychiatry department at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami, noticed that his patient have a spontaneous past-life regression episode at the time of treatment. Now he is a leader in past-life regression therapy. Dr Weiss tells a story from his book titled  Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love. The story is about a patient named Dianne and he is the head of an urgent care centre. At the time of regression session, he has got an experience of a young settler in North America during the early years of conflict with Native Americans. She talked about their memories like she and her son hiding from a party. She said that her son had a birthmark like a half moon beneath his right shoulder. Then the son cried out while she covered his mouth. After the regression experience, Diane herself attracted to a patient who is a patient of Asthma. The patient also attracted to her, and she was shocked when she noticed a crescent-shaped birthmark in the same location on the patient. Then she married the patient.

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7. Reincarnated Handwriting

Taranjit Singh was a six years old boy living in Alluna Miana village in India. The boy had been saying since the age of two that his real name was Satnam Singh, and he was born in Chakkchela village in Jalandhar. It is 60 km away from Alluna MIana village. The boy also says that he was a student of class 9 and his father’s name was Jeet Singh. The boy also recalled about his death. It was occurred in a scooter accident at the time of the accident he was carried some books and the books got wet with his blood. He had 30 rupees in his wallet. Taranjit Sigh recalled every moment from the past. Even though it makes no sense, his father Ranjit decided to investigate the things. A teacher from Jalandhar had said about a boy named Satnam and his father’s name was Jeet Singh. Then the Ranjit met his family and blood-soaked books and also rupees details. Vikram Raj Chauhan, a scientist investigated later, then he found that Taranjit’s and Satnam’s handwriting was same, a near match.

6. Born Knowing Swedish

The psychiatry professor Ian Stevenson investigated about  the the phenomenon of xenoglossy, which is defined as  “speaking a real language entirely unknown to (the speaker) in his ordinary state.” The term was actually introduced by Charles Richet, the Nobel Prize – winning doctor. Stevenson investigated a 37-year old American girl who he called TE. She was born and brought up in Philadelphia and she is the daughter of  immigrant parents who spoke English, Polish, Yiddish, and Russian. TE studies French in school and she doesn’t know Swedish. During eight different regression hypnosis sessions, she became a male Swedish peasant ” Jensen Jacoby”. She answered many questions in Swedish language as Jensen do. Stevenson gave TE two polygraph tests, a word association test, and a language aptitude test, all she answered in Swedish. She also spoke to her husband, family members in the Swedish language.

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5. Memories Of Monasteries

A psychiatrist named  Adrian Finkelstein describes a story in his book  Your Past Lives And The Healing Process. The story is about a boy named Robin Hull who often used to speak a language and his mother can’t follow the language. Then she had visited a professor of Asian language, at last he found that the language is a dialect spoken specifically in the northern region of Tibet. Robin recalls many events , he said that he went to school many years ago in a monastery where he learned that language. It seems very strange because he was not even the school-going age. The professor made many efforts to find more information and eventually reached in a monastery in the Kunlun Mountains  which seems same as the boy said. Robin’s story inspired him to travel to Tibet. Finkelstein then turns to hypnosis and past-life therapy.

4. The Burned Japanese Soldier

Stevenson investigation also includes about a girl named Ma Win Tar. She was born in 1962 and at around age three. She started talking a life as a Japanese soldier. The soldier had been captured by Burmese villagers and burned alive while tied to a tree. Stevenson found that her statement was true. Burmese villagers would capture the stragglers from the Japanese army and they used to burned soldiers alive. Ma Win Tar behaved opposite life of  a Burmese girl. She liked her hair cut and dress like boyish clothes. She often slapped her playmates.  Stevenson said that the Japanese soldiers “often” slapped Burmese villagers. She consider herself as a  “a foreigner.”Despite these things, she was born with severe birth defects in both hands.  A ring on her left wrist had three separate depressions. There was also a mark on her right wrist that had faded. The marks are similar to that of a rope burn something a Japanese soldier who had been burned alive while tied to a tree.

3. His Brother’s Scars

During, 1979, Kevin Christenson died at the age of two. He had a broken leg at 18 months had revealed metastatic cancer. Then he got chemotherapy on the right side of his neck and a tumor also caused his left eye to protrude a model above his right ear. Twelve years later his mother remarried and had another child named Patrick. The child had some similarities to that of his brother Kevin. Patrik was born with a birthmark that looked like a small cut on the right side of his neck and the thing is that it was the same place where Kevin’s Chemo IV entered his body. There was also  a nodule on Patrick’s scalp in the same place that Kevin’s had been. As Kevin, Patrick also had issued on his left eye. When Patrick started to walking  he limped, there is no medical reason why the reason him to do so. Patrick also a memory of going under surgery. This is the same happened to his brother Kevin. Patrick also recalled the old house, describing even he was not lived there. It is difficult to identify the biological connections.

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2. Cat Memories

John McConnell was mistakenly shot six times during 1992. His daughter named Doreen gave birth to a son named William in 1997. He was diagnosed with pulmonary valave atresia, a congenital condition in which a faulty valve directs blood from the heart to the lungs. The right ventricle of his heart was also deformed. After surgeries his condition improved. When John was shot, one of the bullets entered his back and hitting his left lung and the main pulmonary artery in his heart. John’s condition and William’s conditions seems same. William asked Doreen about a cat that she had in her childhood and she used to call it “Boss”. But John had called the cat as Boss. William was also recalled the memory that the boss  and another cat named Manic. William was able to say the day he was born (a Tuesday) and the day John died.

1. The ‘In Between’ State

Dr. Brian Weiss had investigated about a patient named Catherine and it illustrated in his book Many Lives, Many Masters. As a result he more focussed with past-life regression. During a regression session, Catherine wonder when she mentioned that she was in an “in between” state and that both Dr. Weiss’s father and his son were present. Dr Brian shocked when he understood his patient know about his personal life. Then Catherine started to describe about his first born child Adam who had died at the age of 23. Adam had been diagnosed with total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage with an atrial septal defect the pulmonary veins had grown on the wrong side of the heart, effectively backward. She said about his personal life are true and Catherine’s regression changed the course of his career.

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