10 Dangerous Local Foods in the World

10 Dangerous Local Foods in the World : There are many foods in the world, and some of them are very dangerous to our health. These dangerous food affects harm and leads to death. Dangerous foods create many diseases. Here is a list of 10 Dangerous Local Foods in the World.

10. Sannakji

Sannakji is a  variety of hoe, or raw dish, in Korean cuisine. It includes a small live octopus. It is usually seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. When serving the dish we could see that the octopus is squirming on the plate. Octopus are fascinating creatures in the world. It is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. The main feature is that it is extremely different from other creatures regarding its brain and nervous system. The dish is like A small octopus is dismembered, drizzled with soy sauce or sesame oil, and then eaten. The main thing is that it will not get the time to death and its legs moves while eating this dish. The problem is that when we are sucking its legs, there is a possibility to caught in the throat. Many people died due to asphyxiation by octopus tentacles from saknakji.

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