Top 10 Epic Tributes to Love That’ll Inspire You

Top 10 Epic Tributes to Love That’ll Inspire You: Love is divine and has many definitions which may help you to understand what is real love. Many people consider that the love is the greatest gift as well as it is a part of humanity. Without love, we cannot stay happy, or we can say that love has an important role in our life. People are doing good things just because of love and love is a powerful tool which will inspire the people to live a comfortable life. Thus, love is everything, and it is impossible to define love. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary – love as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. Many people have experienced the real love, and the people express their love in a different angle. Some people love very much, and they even made tributes to express their deep love for the person. Some people made tributes to express their gratitude for being in love. There will be a touching story of every love. Here is a list of Top 10 Epic Tributes to Love That’ll Inspire You

10. 10,000 Love Notes and Letters

The film NoteBook, there is a beautiful portrayal of love by Ryan Goslings and which shows a deep love for Allie. Noah used to write letters every day to get love from Allie. It is one of the most epic tribute to love. Even we think that it happen only in movies, but the true life we can see that. Bill Bresnan, a devoted husband, wrote more than 10000 love letters to Kristen, his wife for long 40 years. It is amazing one because it shows the real love between Bill Bresnan and Kristen. He started his writing since they first met and it continued for long 40 years.  He didn’t have a day without writing letters, and even he is busy with several things. In every year, 365 days he writes letters to his wife the notes signed with “I love you, my Darling” followed by two kisses and the infinity sign. The letters have been filled orderly and placed in 25 boxes which kept in their home. They hope to inspire young lovers today with their love story that truly rivals “The Notebook.”

9. Lala and Louise Land

A Grammy-nominated band named The Mutemath, they are from New Orleans, and they had released a single entitled monument with its music video. The video got attention from all over the world, and the video is about a man happily dancing through the various rooms of his house. The music video is a touching tribute to Charles Evans, the man dancing in the video himself who turned his Mississippi home into a shrine to showcase his great love to his wife who died in 2011. He had portrayed 1000 photographs and displayed videos which show his great devotion to his wife. Every wall, he filled many kinds of moment which dedicated to his wife. Then he had created a beautiful umbrella garden then he finished stunning museum and called it Lala and Louise Land which is pretty much among the most epic tributes to love. He can’t go back to that life, but he found a way to go back those memories through this music video.

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8. Shibazakura Flower Garden

The king Nebuchadnezzar II had created Hanging Gardens of Babylon to show his great devotion to his wife Amytis of Media, and it was created to make happy for his wife who was missing the lush nature of her homeland. The same happened in the life of  Toshiyuki Kuroki, who want to bring back the smile on his wife’s face Yasuko, who became blind years ago. Kuroki spent most of the time to cultivate his garden and today it one of the greatest Epic Tributes to Love. He planted seeds around and converted dairy farm into a sea of bright pink flowers. Then after two decades, many people visited this garden and got attention widely. His idea succeeded, and he was happy for his wife who started smiling and interacting people.

7. A Scaled – Down Replica of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest tributes to love which has received attention from all over the world. People are amazed by the creation of Taj Mahal. It is an ivory white marble museum situated in Agra, near Yamuna River, India. It was created by Shah Jahan during 1632 in memory of his beautiful wife, Mumtaz. Half-centuries later, a man recreated this history by building a scaled-down replica of Taj Mahal to show his excessive love for his deceased wife, Tajamulli Begum. After his wife death, he began Faizul buried her on their agricultural land and started construction around her grave.  He worked on his project relying only on photographs of the Taj Mahal. He devoted all his finances, and it now costs him Rs 14 lakh to date. He continued his conducting work even he faced many challenges and he declined helps from people.

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6. A Ladder Made of 6,000 Carved Steps

A strange love story from a weekly has got attention from all over the world that is a love story of couples who had lived in happily for 50 years. The protagonist named Xu Choking, who was 87 years old and have died in Southwest China’s ChongQuing Municipality on October 20, 2012, following his husband, Liu Guojiang, 70, who died five years earlier.  The center of their story is a ladder made of over 6,000 steps trail through the mountain, cut and carved single-handedly by Liu for his wife. It happened in 2001, and still it receives attention from all over the world. Now the government has decided to protect the ladder and called it as the love -ladder.

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5. An Entire Mountain Road

A poor man called Dashrath, who also known as Mountain Man and him, single handily carved a road which has 360 ft. Long, 30 ft. Wide and 25 ft. He created this road by using only a hammer and chisels for 22 years. It stands one of the greatest epic tributes to love. He lived in a remote area in Gaya, Bihar. His wife Phalguni Devi died during 1959 due to lack of medical care. Thus, he decided to create a road just because of other villagers who won’t the same fate once in his wife suffered. During 1960, Dasha at worked on that road. He plows fields in the morning and works during the night. At last, he developed many techniques and found the technique of burning firewood on the rocks. Then he completed the road requested that his road is connected to the main road. He is done this road just because of his love for his wife.

4. A Guitar – shaped Forest

A multi-coloured guitar engineered entirely of trees by stretching of two-thirds of a mile across the flat agricultural areas of Argentinean’s pampas. It is made by a farmer named Pedro Martin Ureta consists of 7000 trees. It is created to memorialize his wife. Named Graciela, who accidently died in 1977. Then he made this beautiful guitar for his wife after he lost his wife. She loved this musical instrument very much. Ureta started to plant trees and cultivated the trees within 35 years, and the design is a perfect guitar shape with a hole in the middle. This guitar shaped forest he created because of his deep love for his wife. This trees looks beautiful and gained attention from the masses.

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3. A Heart-shaped Meadow

In England, there is a farm near Wicker belongs a beautiful scenery in plain sights and nearby roads. It was accidently created by hot-air balloonist Andy Collett when he is passing over the field. He discovered that the design includes thousands of oak trees carefully planted in a 6 acres field by a devoted farmer and husband Winston Howes out of love for his wife, Janet. He planted 6000 oak trees around a 6-acre field, with a perfectly heart-shaped clearing in the middle. The heart bordered by a bushy hedge and pointing towards Wonton Hill, his wife’s childhood hometown. This beautiful visual can be seen by airplane rides but also by satellite.

2. The Coral Castle

A landmark located in Florida, which produced entirely of gigantic quarried stones and now known as Coral Castle. The castle consists of  1,100 tons of coral rocks that lie behind massive 8 Feet high coral rock walls on a 10 – acre tract. It was created by Latvian man named Edward Leedskelnin who created this by singlehandedly, and there is a mystery behind castle that is these coral walls fit perfectly together with great accuracy even it constructed without cement. Thus, it was built in secrecy. It is also known as Rock Gate, and it is created just because of his quest for creating a monument to his lost wife.

1. The Mystery Castle

During 1945, Mary Lou Gulley received unexpected news that her that her father died, and she was shocked, and she doesn’t know much about her father since he leaves their home in Seattle, Washington. She was shocked by hearing that inheritance of large estate about 8,000 square foot structure surrounded by almost 8 acres of land located in the foothills of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona today known as Mystery Castle which includes 3-storey castle boasts 18 rooms, 13 fireplaces, several patios, quarters, a bar, a chapel and a wishing well all that is single-handedly made by her father. Her father built this castle for his wife Boyce, and he created this out of love for her. The castle is a full of surprises. It is one of the greatest tributes to love.

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