10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs

10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs : Rastafari is an Abrahamic belief which developed in Jamaica. The people who belong Rastafari appear with dreadlocks, smoking weed. Rastafari is a very serious philosophy and almost believes coming from the Bible. We could see people who claim to be Rastafari just because they need a licence to do drugs. There are many true believers, and it is difficult to understand the ideas behind Rastafari believers. Here is a list of 10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs.

10 Not All Rastafari Smoke Weed

There are many people who claim to be Rastafari because they will get a religious licence to smoke ganja. The fact that Smoking ganja is optional, and it is not the central faith of Rastafari. We could find people who won’t smoke ganja even though they belong Rastafari. Snoop Dog is one of them, and he planned to change his name to Snoop Lion. It is showing his strict adherence to Rastafari. But many people claims that it is not indicating his faith in Rastafari and think it is all about his love for weed. The main thing is that smoking ganja is not a central faith of Rastafari and many believers not using ganja. Rastafari people are afraid of spreading the rumour that they have the right to smoke ganja and all.

9. They Call Halie Selassie The Second Coming Of Christ

This is also one of the 10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs. This belief is coming from Rastafari philosophy, and it is all about the inception of the religion. During 1900, Marcus Garvey prophesied that a new black king would soon come to Africa. He also said that he would be the messiah. Then it happened in Ethiopia; a new king was crowned named Halie Selassie and believers think that the prophecy becomes true. The followers thought the man as the second coming of Jesus. On the other hand, many people didn’t believe in the second coming of the messiah indicted in the prophecy. But the believers pointed out that he has a close relation to King Solomon, and they tried to relate him to Jesus.

8. Ital Diet

It is also one in the list of 10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs. Rastafari believers have a special diet named Ital. The word Ital coming from vital and many people are confused whether it is vegetarianism or veganism. The fact that it is a special diet of its own and change occurs according to the denomination of Rastafari. Many believers choose not to take part of in the system because it seems oppressive. Rastafari also refuse to eat many kinds of foods including red meat because they think that it rots inside your body. Many Rastafari eats fish as they consider it supported by the Bible. Some believers won’t eat fish and go closer to full vegan, but some people do. The main idea about Rastafari is that to eat natural foods.

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7. Your Body Is A Temple

This also one of the beliefs of Rastafari. In Rastafari, people body is said to be a temple so you have to take care of yourself. Just like Ital diet, your body is considered as a temple, and there is a need of caring. This belief go beyond the Ital diet because it has something more to say. Rastafari believes that they should maintain their hair and should not cut their hair. This is all about respecting your body what it is. Rastafari believes many things, and they refuse to do things like hair cutting, tattoo your skin, having unhealthy foods, etc. Some have said that this is why they not to choose smoking ganja. Some of them think smoking ganja is not good for health, and they quit smoking. In Rastafari, they think to do unnatural things are against the belief. 

6. Don’t Call Them “Rastafarians.”

This is also one in the list of 10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs. Rastafari believers don’t like to be mentioned in the name of  “Rastafarians,”. They just hate the way at all and the reason is also mentioned in their philosophy. Rastas thinks that  “ian” and “isms” represent the corrupt “Babylonian” system that oppresses people in all over the world. In fact, they think that considering themselves as a religion of any kind is just like accepting a system that is against what they believe. This is why Rastafari uncomfortable with the name  “Rastafarians. If you call them, Rastafarians or saying like they are practicing Rastafarianism, they react violently. Some Rastafari doesn’t like the term religion and prefer to consider their movement philosophy.

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5. Down With Babylon

The Rastafari movement started in Jamaica, where the most of the black people considered as slaves, and they forced to work hard. In fact, the movement began as a way of empowerment and Rastafari belief system completely against the standard and the structure of western society. They hate the Babylonian system in which people oppress the people all over the world. Thus, it was corrupt and oppressive one and Rastafari people oppressed by western society and colonialism. The Rastafari movement is against this system and the movement questions their right to live. Then they came back their culture and life. Rastafari-influenced many people and it lead the black people to get freedom.

4. The Return To Africa

It is also one in the list of  10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs. Rastafari strongly believes in Bible, and their religious beliefs come from Boble. Rastafari has their idea of paradise. Rastafari believes that they are in a kind of hell, and their ancestors were removed from the homeland against their wish. For them, Africa is a paradise on earth. The main aim of Rastafari believers is that to come back to Africa. It is completely a religious belief of Rastafari and it clear after the colonialist oppression faced by black people. For them returning to Africa is a great thing and they preserving African culture in a better way and also they enjoying their life because Babylonian society made many efforts to take away from them.

3. Their Own Lyaric Dialect

The early Rastafari in Jamaica developed a dialect from Jamaican Creole, but the Jamaican Creole actually derived from English by African slaves who had been brought to the island of Jamaica. We all know that it is an empowerment movement, and it created a language and developed it both in dialect and philosophy to attain their requirements. At last, they created a new dialect called ” Lyaric”. The main feature of the dialect is that the use pronouns. They use “I” instead of ” Me”, You, and it indicates the relation between all people and admits every people’s humanity. They prefer positive expressions instead of negative. They use “downpressed” instead of “oppressed” to show the direction that the oppression is coming from. 

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2. Grounation Day

For Rastafari, April is a very important Day. They believe that  Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia was the second coming of Jesus Christ, and people become great fans of him. He decided to visit Jamaica at the time of his life back in the 1960s. Some people thinks that it was a diplomatic visit, but some believe he had a strong desire to meet the Rastafari and have to learn much about the people who believes him as the another coming of the Messiah. Then he confronts one of the members of Rastafari movement. Some believe he told them that they have to fix things at home in Jamaica before they returned to Africa. The day he visited. considered as Grounation Day and is regarded as one of the most important holy days.

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1. The Rastafari Colors

There some colours for Rasta that is red, green, yellow. Most of the people think that these colours have a close connection with  Bob Marley and ganja than they do any spiritual movement. The movement has a strong influence from Marcus Garvey. The colours of his movement were red, green, black. Then Rastafari meets  Haile Selassie I as Jesus and they noticed the colours included in the Ethiopian flag that is yellow, green, red. The main feature is that these colours symbolise their beliefs. The yellow colour symbolises the wealth of their homeland in Africa.The red indicates blood and the martyrdom of past Rastafari. The black colour shows to the black people who originally started the Rastafari movement to return their culture. The green colour symbolises the plant life of their native homeland.

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