10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs

10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs : Rastafari is an Abrahamic belief which developed in Jamaica. The people who belong Rastafari appear with dreadlocks, smoking weed. Rastafari is a very serious philosophy and almost believes coming from the Bible. We could see people who claim to be Rastafari just because they need a licence to do drugs. There are many true believers, and it is difficult to understand the ideas behind Rastafari believers. Here is a list of 10 Facts About Rastafari Beliefs.

10 Not All Rastafari Smoke Weed

There are many people who claim to be Rastafari because they will get a religious licence to smoke ganja. The fact that Smoking ganja is optional, and it is not the central faith of Rastafari. We could find people who won’t smoke ganja even though they belong Rastafari. Snoop Dog is one of them, and he planned to change his name to Snoop Lion. It is showing his strict adherence to Rastafari. But many people claims that it is not indicating his faith in Rastafari and think it is all about his love for weed. The main thing is that smoking ganja is not a central faith of Rastafari and many believers not using ganja. Rastafari people are afraid of spreading the rumour that they have the right to smoke ganja and all.

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