Top 10 Fastest Supercars in the World

8. Zenvo ST1 – 233 mph

The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance supercar which is manufactured by the Danish company called Zenvo. This is the company’s first model and is produced almost completely by the hands of a small team of workers, with the exception of a CNC router. This handmade and beautifully designed sports car is designed by Christian Brandt and Jesper Hermann. The Company introduced this first ever supercar model in the year 2009. This car cost around $1,225,000 and made this restricted to 15 units. It’s Twin Charges 7.0 litre V8 engine provides 1250 horsepower with its top speed limit of 233 miles per hour. It can run from 0-60 mph within 3 seconds.

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