Top 10 Fastest Supercars in the World

6. Koenigsegg CCX – 245 mph

The Koenigsegg CCX is a mid-engined sports car which is manufactured by Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The project started with the aim of making a global car, designed and managed to comply with global safety and environment controls, mainly to enter the United States car market. To trade cars in the US several changes were made to the design of the CCR; the earlier used Ford Modular engine was substituted by a Koenigsegg engine designed to operate on 91 octane fuel, readily accessible in the United States, and to fulfil the Californian emission standards. CCX is also a past generation of Koenigsegg which was available in $545,568. CCX is abbreviated from Competition Coupe X. David Crafoord and Christian von Koenigsegg are the two people who designed this car. This model is manufactured up with carbon fibre law miss a long lease v8 engines. It produces a huge speed range 245 miles per hour with 806 horsepower. It has received several awards in which Best is performing Green Exotic, Top Gear’s Power Lap included.

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