Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers of 2017

1. Kelly Kelly – America

Barbara Jean Blank, who is professionally known as Barbie Blank is an American model, professional wrestling valet and former professional wrestler. Barbara Jean Blank is better known by her ring name ‘Kelly Kelly’. The American model is the number one sexiest and hottest women wrestlers in the world. She was well known for her exceptional performance in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This professional wrestler resembles like Barbie and no rival of her in this list. She is multi-talented and served as a model and wants to be an anchor. She remains unsuccessful in her work from 2008-2011 but recovers in 2011 and on Divas Championship. Now she is successful and most hottest women wrestler in the world.

So, now let us have a quick look at the Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers of 2017

Sr. No Hottest Female Wrestlers Country
1 Kelly Kelly America
2 Maria Kanellis America
3 Paige British
4 Madison Rayne America
5 Brooke Adams America
6 Thea Trinidad America
7 Sarah Backman Swedish
8 Velvet Sky America
9 Eva Torres America
10 Kaitlyn America

Women cannot be listed out from any of the jobs. From modelling to wrestling, she takes over different platforms in a professional manner. Wrestling is a profession which suits men, the best. However, these strong and beautiful women choose this as a profession and continue to be successful. The world recognises these women today because of wrestling champions.

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