Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers of 2017

9. Eve Torres – America

Eve Marie Torres aka Eve Torres was born on 21 August 1984, and she is a world-famous American actress, dancer, model and a wrestler as well. Eve began her career as the dancer, and she has danced for many pro and super leagues. She is known to be the best dancer too. She has also appeared on various television shows, such as Sunset Tan, Show Me The Money, and Deal or No Deal. And as with the wrestling the world, she is a famous wrestler of World Wrestling Entertainment. She began her wrestling career after performing in the WWE Bikini contest and is considered as the hottest and sexiest lady of the competition. She recently retired from the wrestling after losing the Divas Championship. In 2014, she appeared on the TV series Matador in a recurring guest role. And in 2016, she performed on the CBS program Supergirl.

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  • Trippy Goldberg

    How the fuck didn’t Sasha Banks make this garbage ass list?

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