Top 10 Most Breathtaking Places You Must Visit Before Die

Top 10 Most Breathtaking Places You Must Visit Before Die: The world we live in is incredibly beautiful, and it is impossible to experience and reach all the places with a human’s single life. Travelling is a wonderful experience, and it can evoke our inner spirit. A person who loves traveling always plan and list out the places he or she wish to visit. Those people consider traveling to be vitally essential to living a fulfilled life. If you are wanderer of that sort, then here is the list of the wonderful places you must visit before you die. The amazing places listed below gives you an adventurous and richer experience.

1. Whitehaven Beach – Australia

Whitehaven Beach – Australia

This most enjoyable beach is going to make your sole calm and peaceful. It is the most photographed beach in Austalia. The beach is 7 kilometers along the Whitsunday Island, which is the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. The crystal clear water and the pure white sand offers you an amazing view. The Whitehaven Beach is famous for the two km open swimming competition which is held in every year in the month November. The sand of the beach consists of 98% pure silica, and that is the reason for its attractive white color. And the beach was awarded the Queensland’s Cleanest Beach in Keep Australia Beautiful’s 2008 Clean Beach Challenge State Awards.

2. Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii

Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii

The famous beach is situated in the United States. The Westin Hotel with all the excellent facilities for the best stay is really going to impress you. The hotel and the Spa Hawaii is located near the fabulous Ka’anapali Beach. The Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii is the best place to spend your holidays. The swimming pools, waterfalls and the pleasant atmosphere of the resort are going to make you and your family happy.

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3. The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye – Scotland

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye – Scotland

The Fairy Pools attract visitors from all over the world. It is located at the bottom of the Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle. You can take amazing photographs of nature. It is one of the attractive spots in the Scotland. To reach the pool you have to walk on the road to Glenbrittle and the walk to the pools is an adventurous journey. When the weather is harsh, the river crossings can become a real challenge. You can enjoy the nature at its peak on the Isle of Skye – Scotland.

4. Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake – Chile

Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake – Chile

The Carrera lake is situated in Patagonia and shared by Argentina and Chile. The lake is famous for the Marble Caverns, and it is one of the breathtaking cave networks. The tourists are taken to the caverns in a row boat. And so you can enjoy the crystal clear water and the Azure Temple created by nature. This is truly a wonderful experience you should not miss.

5. The Shahara Bridge – Yemen

Shahara Bridge – Yemen

The Shahara Bridge is limestone arch bridge which is located in the large mountain village in the Shaharah District of the ‘Amran Governorate, Yemen. The manufacturing genius of this bridge spans a sheer 300-foot deep canyon. This bridge wich is also known as the Bridge of Sighs, was build in the 17th century to connect the towns at the top of the mountains. The bridge is a famous tourist attraction. The bridge is also a scary bridge, but the residents still cross the bridge as a part of their daily routine.

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6. Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon National Park

Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon National Park

The Havasu Falls is known for its blue-green waterfalls. This is one of the amazing wonders of nature. This is a favorite place for hikers. The Havasupai people are the traditional guardians of the Grand Canyon. And those people consider the Havasu Falls as a sacred gift from God. And it ‘s hard to get the reservations to this National Park. It is needed a 10mile hike each way to the waterfalls of the Havasupai. This waterfall which is located in a remote canyon of Arizona is a paradise on earth. The waterfalls daily attract a lot of hikers from all over the world.

7. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon – Iceland

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon – Iceland

The Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is a favorite spot of many wanderers. The place is really a good place to enjoy the calmness and serenity of nature. It is a beautiful canyon situated in south-east Iceland which is up to 100 m deep. And the pleasant Fjaðrá river flows through it.It is believed that the canyon is formed by the progressive erosion caused by the flowing water from glaciers through the rocks and palagonite over millennia. This is one of the best places you must visit before you die.

8. Arang Kel, Neelum Valley – Kashmir, Pakistan

Arang Kel, Neelum Valley – Kashmir, Pakistan

The Arang Kel is a wonderful green village and a hill station. This famous village is situated in Neelam Valley, a 144 km long bow-shaped thickly forested region in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. And this valley is located in the north-east of Muzaffarabad, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. It is a favorite destination for the tourists. With its inspiring hills and lush green valley, it becomes one of the beautiful places on our planet.

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9. The Dark Hedges – Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges – Northern Ireland

In the 18th century, the Stuart family planted these beautiful avenues of beech trees. it is the Dark Hedges Preservation Trust that preserves enhance and promotes the Dark Hedges and the trees. This place attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. The spot is one of the most photographed natural phenomena in the Northern Island. They were planted in order to impress the people who visit the Georgian mansion, Gracehill House. There are a lot of ghost stories always connected with the road and the beech trees on both the sides.

10. Coast near Marsa Matruh – Egypt

Coast near Marsa Matruh – Egypt

The Marsa Matruh is a city famous for its coastal region and it is the most beautiful Mediterranean City in Egypt. The historic city during the reign of Alexander The Great was known as Amunia. Marsa Matruh is very famous as it serves as a gateway resort for Europeans as well as Cairenes. The bay is protected from the high seas by a series of rocks forming a natural breakwater, with a small opening to allow access for light vessels. The breeze and the waves of the beautiful sea are fascinating to enjoy with your family and friends.

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