Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World

Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World: Big cats are one of the amazing creations of the God. Our earth is rich in Wild Creatures, and Big cats are one of them. Big cats are isolated, and it is difficult to find them in our surroundings. They have many capabilities, and they have the special power to endanger their lives behind many animals that hunt each other for food. Most of the animals are deadly to other animals. Here is a list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. 

10. Cheetah-(Acinonyx jubatus)

Cheetah is one of deadliest big cats in the world, and it holds the tenth position on the list. Cheetah is famous as it is the fastest land animal in the world and it has the huge power to reach up 70 miles an hour. A lot of automobiles have brought a similar range of cars and motorbikes like Yamaha R1, but the speed of these cars and bikes are not similar to this deadliest animal. This dangerous animal has a light mask which stops their strength for catching up bigger preys. Thus, they get their prey after long attempts. Comparatively, its head is too small, and Cheetah eats mammals including gazelles, wildebeests and zebras. The body temperature of the Cheetah will increase at the time of hunting its prey.

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9. Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat also one in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. The fishing cat is a medium sized cat which we can found in the South East Asia. Its body is fully covered with soft hair, and there are many dark spots on its body. Fishing cat has a flat nose appearance, and we can found it in rivers, mangrove swamps and brooks. It mainly eats fish, and it is one of the skilled swimmers who enjoyed the water. It usually hunts different kinds of fishes, and most of the aquatic animals are the prey of fishing cat. It is capable of hunting its prey even in the muddy water. Fishing cat hunts down humans, other animals and aquatic animals.

8. Wild Cat

Wild Cat also one among the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. Wildcats also knew as one of the hunter cats which eats small mammals, birds, and other creatures of their similar size. We could see numerous sub-species of wild cat, and it is distributed to many areas, and we can see it in Asian, African, and European forests. Wildcat has many features, and they don’t have the confidence to deal with humans. It clings to a territory of about 3kms and it an isolated animal. They do not eat plants and insects. Wildcat used to eat rabbits and lizards and also with another special kind of birds. Serval is one the subspecies of wild cat and that jump over 8-16 feet vertically to the upwards to catch the flying birds.

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7. Puma-(Puma concolor)

Puma-(Puma concolor) holds the seventh position in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. This deadliest animal also is known as the Cougar, Mountain Lion Catamount or El Tiger. Puma is an incredible animal, and it uses its special skill to hunt its prey. We can found Puma in American countries, and they have many features. They are big in size, and it extends from Yukon in Canada towards the southern Andes of the South America. Puma cats are known as one of the heaviest cats in the American continents. They hunt deer, bighorn sheep and elk, and they also hunt small insects and rodents.

6. Lion(Panthera leo)

Lion-(Panthera leo) also one in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. Lion is one of the four big cats that with the same genus Panthera and they belongs the family of Felidae. Its body weight is around 250lb that means 550lb, and it is the second largest cat in the world. We could found the lion in Asia and Africa only, and they live more than ten years. Lion has the special skill to fight with rivals and them the native of savannas and grassland. Female lions used t hunt its preys together, and they also eat humans. Lions are best known for attacking and killing large preys. On the other hand, lioness does most of the tasks of hunting and move quickly than the males.

5. Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard also one in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World.It belongs the species of the leopards, and its native place is in the Central Asia and the Himalayan region. Comparatively smaller than the other big cats and its weight is  27 and 54 kilogrammes that are around 60 and 120lb. Snow Leopard’s length is 75 to 130 cm that means 30 to 50inches. It has tails of the same length, and its body is covered with thick hair which helps them to get warmth in the body when extreme cold time. Snow Leopards are carnivores, and they have the special skill to hunt its preys by killing. They are also known as Himalayan blue sheep. They have a well-based colour, which varies from the smoky grey to yellowish tan. They also have some dark grey to black open rosettes of their body. There are many spots on their heads.

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4. Tiger

Tiger also holds the fourth position in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. Tiger is the largest big cats in the world, and it has an apex predator and an obligate carnivore. They have a special power to hunt its preys which we can see its body itself. The main feature is that its body pattern of dark and vertical lining stripes that eventually overlays a near-white to reddish-orange fur. Most of the tigers are native of Bengal, and their subspecies are found in the Siberian Tiger. They are tall in length is around 4 meters and 13 feet and weight up to 300 kg. They are having many features including the special skill to hunt preys, tree-climbing, swimming ability, stealth and supremacy to the overwhelming effects. Tigers are famous for its powerful attacks and they having a royal lifestyle. They are isolated animals and they always looking for a perfect area to hunt their preys.

3. Jaguars(Panthera onca)

Jaguars(Panthera onca) holds the third position in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. Jaguar also a big cat and having incredible power. It is different from other cats as it is big in size and having many features. It is regarded as the third largest feline after the Tiger and Lion. It jumps trees, and it is an efficient swimmer too. Jaguar extended to be in large ranges that too from Mexico to Central America even towards the Paraguay and the northern Argentina. we could see many black spots on its body and it developed a large bite just like other big cats. Jaguar like swimming and they used to hunt the preys by biting the skull of the prey between the ears to get a fatal blow towards the brain. Jaguars are ambush type of animals, and It is capable of killing animals.

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2. Leopards-(Panthera pardus)

Leopards-(Panthera pardus) holds the second position in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. Leopards belong the Felidae family and they are the smallest four big cats that are seen in the genus of the Panthera. Their native places are  Asia and Africa that are greater than the other Panthers species. It has small legs, and their body is long and has a large skull. Even though it is small in size, it is almost similar to Jaguar except it lacks internal spots in its fur. The main feature is that it can hunt any size of animal whether small or its size or triple to its size. Even though they are small in size, they used to eat large prey that has a big skull and some powerful jaw muscles that help to catch the prey.

1. Domestic cats

Domestic cats hold the first position in the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Big Cats in the World. It is the greatest killing cat, and it has the special skill to hunt its preys. Domestic cats are cute and cuddling cats, but they are dangerous. It is also just like other cats. They have a huge split when the time of its hunting. The main feature of domestic cats ate capable of killing any size of animals whether its size or larger than its size. The another feature is that they used to hunt the prey but they won’t eat it. They enjoy hunting and the play with prey. They have the special skill to detect in broad ranges of frequencies. Hunting skill is a natural skill of domestic cats, and they have an acute sense of smell.

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