Top 10 Countries With the Most Gorgeous Women In The World

Top 10 Countries With the Most Gorgeous Women In The World: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” is a beautiful quote by John Keats. Every person has a different view or perspective on how they define beauty. You may feel a woman is beautiful but may not be in the eyes of others. The countries in the world have different cultures and traditions. So there come different kinds of beauty. Women in all countries have a great difference not only regarding looks but also in characteristic. It is not easy to define beauty. Here is the list of Top 10 Countries With the Gorgeous Women In The World. You are definitely going to be astonished by their gorgeous look and charm.

10. Philippines


The country Philippines is known for the most beautiful women in the world. This land is gifted with charming beauties. They have ranked second with the most wins in the “The Big Four International Beauty Pageants”.Those women are talented and adoring, who have conquered the minds of millions. They are women with silky hairs and cute faces.

9. Britain


Those gorgeous women always try to look hot and bold. They are very much beauty conscious paying much attention to skin and hair care. The magnificent ladies are a blend of different cultures that is why they come in different skin tones and appearances. The British girls are known for their good manners and have a good sense of fashion. They are highly educated and are independent women.

8. United States of America/Canada

8. United States of America/Canada

The United States of America and Canada is famous for female celebrities. They have their own kind of beauty. Those women have a great understanding of different world views. They love fashion and pay huge attention to their looks. They are highly social and know how to take care of themselves. These countries have the most beautiful models and stars. The Hollywood industry is the most famous film industry with the most beautiful actresses.

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7. Dutch


This country has gorgeous and expressive women. They are beautiful with their stunning eyes and brown and hazel coloured hair. AS these women are part of the liberal side of the Europe, the Dutch girls are the most open minded girls. Those beautiful women are typically less maintenance than other women in the world. They are tall and slim and look very young.

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6. Italy


The country Italy has the most celebrated and beautiful women in the world. They are gorgeous ladies who have fascinated the world with their beauty. We can say that there are no other places which produce“Beauty” better than Italy. They are always up to date with the modern fashion, style, and makeup. The Italian women are sensual, passionate, and seductive.

5. Venezuela


They are kind of hot with their long and slim, structured body and adorable faces. Venezuelan women have won 19 times at the prestigious international beauty contests. These women are highly beauty conscious, and the participants of beauty contests from Venezuela spend a lot of time, more than six months, to completely train the correct speech, model walk, makeup lessons and physical training. There are many recognizable and world famous celebrities from this country. These women are very successful in the field of advertising and film.

4. Russia


The lovely ladies from Russia have an impressive personality and incredible charm. They display their talents in various areas like music, movies, politics and so on. They are cute and hot at the same time. The Russian beauties have a well-structured body, and a majority of them own a combination of western and eastern characteristics. They are the most beautiful women in the world. They have an attractive facial expression, are usually tall and thin. Those modern Russian women are highly educated and speak multiple languages.

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3. Ukraine


The Ukraine is a land of hot, sexy and beautiful women in the world. They are tall and slim beauties who can steal your heart. They are the women with the most beautiful eyes. They are unique in both their beauty and manners. All the women in this place have a unique feature of their own. Their beauty is so appealing, and that is the reason why this country has got the third position on this list.

2. Brazil


The Brazilian women are the most desirable women in the world. They are rich in culture and tradition. These black women are authentic and have the most expressive features. They have beautiful curly hair and attractive full lips. The country has a lot of professional models, dancers, and actresses. Brazil is rich with beauties who are wonderful humans.

1. Turkey


The country Turkey has attractive and desirable women who are tall with a good figure. These women have an innocent and adorable faces with appealing personalities. It is not only the country rich in history and substantial culture but also the most attractive beauties in the world. Those women have the legacy of beautiful kings and queen. They are sophisticated and at the same time romantic personalities. Their beautiful eyes and golden brown hair conquer the hearts of many. There a lot of amazing actresses and models from Turkey and they are world famous. All the women in this country have their own notable and appealing features.

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