Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Girl Groups in 2016

Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Girl Groups in 2016: Korea is very well-known for its strong KPOP culture, and many popular Kpop girl groups. KPOP songs have become popular in all over the world. There are many amazing KPOP groups in Korea. Every year, they keep on producing new songs and release. A lot of people are eagerly waiting for their albums to be released. Every girl group in Korea has unique features. Every member of the group has a major role in the group’s success. Here is a list of  Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Girl Groups in 2016


It is one of the most popular girl groups in Korea. JeA, Miryo, Narsha and Ga In are the members of this group. It is also one of the longtime-running groups in Korea. This girl group has many fans in all over the world. They gained attention through the song Abracadabra in which the team performed well, and the dance moves are just amazing. They had released many other songs, but Abracadabra has gained worldwide attention just because of its dance moves. A Koran singer named Psy included their dance steps into his song and music video. People still remember the song and dance movements. In this year, they celebrated their 10th Anniversary in the industry on March 18.

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