Top 10 Powerful Military Power in the World

Top Ten Powerful Military Power in the World 2016: Military forces serve to maintain the integrity and sovereignty in a country. They are the ones who support during natural disasters and national emergency. It is the defending and offensive frontiers of the countries. Military forces strive to combat the terror attacks in times of any terrorism threat. The defence and protection of geographical and ideological boundaries are the responsibility and the critical concern of an army of the nation. The Military also manages the strategic, economic, social, internal and external interests and securities. The developed and underdeveloped are both conscious of the requirement for a powerful, able and a well-trained army. Each year, a huge proportion of the national budgets are acquired to purchase the weaponry, recruit the soldiers and develop the existing deterrence. Here, in this article, you will get to know in detail on the Top Ten most powerful Military Power in the World 2016–17.

10. Turkey

Turkey has come upto the tenth position in the listing of top ten strongest military power in the world. It has about 410,500 active number of troops with about 185,630 reserve ones. The Turkish government was forced to spend a hefty amount of funds which nearly comes up to $18.2 billion due to threatening from Kurdish and ideological battle with Syria. During the year 2014, the defence budget was raised by around 9.4% as compared to the previous year. As the Turkish army is doing their responsibilities as a NATO member in Afghanistan war, they are also getting an enormous amount of defensive support from the United States.

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