Top 10 Powerful Military Power in the World

Top Ten Powerful Military Power in the World 2016: Military forces serve to maintain the integrity and sovereignty in a country. They are the ones who support during natural disasters and national emergency. It is the defending and offensive frontiers of the countries. Military forces strive to combat the terror attacks in times of any terrorism threat. The defence and protection of geographical and ideological boundaries are the responsibility and the critical concern of an army of the nation. The Military also manages the strategic, economic, social, internal and external interests and securities. The developed and underdeveloped are both conscious of the requirement for a powerful, able and a well-trained army. Each year, a huge proportion of the national budgets are acquired to purchase the weaponry, recruit the soldiers and develop the existing deterrence. Here, in this article, you will get to know in detail on the Top Ten most powerful Military Power in the World 2016–17.

10. Turkey

Turkey has come upto the tenth position in the listing of top ten strongest military power in the world. It has about 410,500 active number of troops with about 185,630 reserve ones. The Turkish government was forced to spend a hefty amount of funds which nearly comes up to $18.2 billion due to threatening from Kurdish and ideological battle with Syria. During the year 2014, the defence budget was raised by around 9.4% as compared to the previous year. As the Turkish army is doing their responsibilities as a NATO member in Afghanistan war, they are also getting an enormous amount of defensive support from the United States.

09. Japan

Japan is the first victim of the nuclear atrocity during the World War II. And, ever since, the Japanese have strived hard for the recovery of the injuries skinned so deepen and rooted in the soil of the land of the rising sun. Approval of just the economic power signified nothing to the Japanese peninsula. Facing intimidations from the aggressive neighbours such as China, North Korea, and other regional players, it was necessary for a nation of 127.3 billion to sustain the current standards of deterrence. It is also necessary for them to protect its citizens from the cyclones and tsunamis which are caused by the modern warfare and also the lethal weapons – supposedly inflicted by the bi-polar world.

The development can be witnessed as the technology geeks go for the record large expenditure for defence for the first time in eleven years. Moreover, the military is also going to obtain an expansion in four decades. 247,000 active personnel are the ones who strengthens the forces at present and is further supported by 57,900 reserve cops. The significant arms power is embellished by 1,595 aircraft making it the world’s fifth-largest air force and it also has 131 ships. Nonetheless, the deterrence is only for peace not for any attack as legislated in the Japanese constitution as peace comes with power.

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08. Germany

Regarding latest technology, the German’s have an almost leading role since they are ruling the tech world as the world’s expensive BMW cars has its production in Germany. Germany fought the World War I and World War II with its power and latest weapons, the world know the brutality of the German army as they mercilessly tortured their war prisoners which resulted in a huge loss of a lot of innocent lives. Germany is spending more than around $45 billion yearly so as to meet their military affairs more efficiently.

At this stage, Germany has around 185,000 active troops, and nearly 145,000 personnel is open as reserved ones. If you check their ammunition and armoured fighting vehicles, you will find that they have 408 tanks with a total amount of 5,869. There are approximately 663 jets in the German army with the assistance of 355 helicopters in which about 34 are attacking helicopters.

07. South Korea

South Korea is one of the most liberal and educated countries in the world. The aim of the nation is essentially towards improving their literacy rate day by day. Since they have heavy warnings of war from North Korea and other bordering nations such as China and Japan, they are forced to spend their heavy budget on defence and their armed forces. There are nearly 640,000 on-duty troops, and 2,900,000 troops are conducting their duties as reserve troops.

So as to develop the capability of military and to make progress in their ammunition depot, they lately spend more than $34 billion in the security department. America, being the powerful strategic partner of the South Koreans fulfils their military requirements and train the National armoured of the Republic. The number of tanks in the South Korean army is substantially greater than 2,346 with the defence backing of almost 1,400 aircraft with the world’s sixth largest air force.

06. France

France was yet another member of World War II as they were battling against Germans and their alloys. They have also suffered too much loss of lives and economy. France is the fourth Nuclear power of the world who tested its nuclear weapons independently. The total active number of troops are nearly 202,761 with the backing of 195,770 reserve military. There are approximately 7,000 armoured fighting vehicles. They also have the logistic support of 423 tanks for their armed forces.
Their air force has around 257 attacking aircraft and also comprises of 46 fighting helicopters. Germany is spending around 1.9% of its GDP on its defence every year, which is about $43 billion. Because of all these facts and figures France is marked as number six in the list of top ten strongest countries in the world.

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05. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is still standing at number five position in the global firepower even after the cuts made by the government and the judgment to downsize the army by 20% in the time of next three years. The active personnel on the front lines assisting the country is nearly 146,980. On the other hand, the active personnel number is nearly 182,000.

A stable deterrence aided by tanks, SPG’s, artillery and MLRSs are always there to operate. A total of 160 Fixed-wings, 936 Aircraft, 343 trainer jets, 402 helicopters, 89 interceptors and 65 Fighter helicopters are always ready to respond to any attack. The naval forces are all ready to fight the insurgency and offenders.

04. India

India is advancing the continent to seek the power and diplomatic dominance in the region on each front. The expenditure on the defence is raising day by day because of their offensive behaviour towards the desire of power gain in the region. They spend a significant part of their funds on their security interests that are approximately more than $46 billion due to which India is presently taken as the world’s greatest importer of infantry. India has disputes with China, Sri Lanka, as well as with their neighbour Pakistan. They have attacked Pakistan four times in the wars of 1947, 1965, 1971 and also Kargil.

Moreover, India has an insurgency in several states in its country, police are too weak to manage the entire situation, and their forces are fighting in Kashmir. Because of all these factors, there is no option for India to spend more and more resources on their defence and defensive forces. Presently, there is nearly 1,325,000 active military staff ready for the state to provide their services any time while they have a different reserve troop, which is about 2,143,000 so as to defend their state in any critical conditions. Indian army has the support of nearly 761 fighter aircraft, 6,464 tanks, twenty attacking helicopters and 292 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems.

03. China

The Chinese are a republic of 1.35 billion people and the representatives of around 2,333,000 active personnel. The greatest economy in the world also has the greatest army in the world. Their defensive ministry is setting their primary aim to build their troops, as well as their ammunition since China has a yearly increase of 12.2% for spending their funds as compared to the preceding year. The official estimate of the defensive budget of China is approximate $126 billion which is too massive.

Due to disputes with Japan, India and Philippines in various matters China is expected to increase their defence budget to protect their national ideology and states. China also has the backing of 2,300,000 reserve personnel to get their assistance in different adverse conditions. In the ammunition, there are around 9,150 tanks with roughly 4,788 armoured fighting vehicles and around 1,770 multiple-Launch Rocket Systems. The combat aircraft in the air force of China is nearly 1,311, and the number of attacking helicopters is almost 196. Shortly, probably China will become the largest weapon dealer in the world since it has a strong economy too.

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02. Russia

For a long period, Russia has been a Super Power of the world. It was before the fall of the Soviet Union. However, at present, it is the second biggest dealer of weapons just after the United States of America. Russia is anti-America, anti-Europe, anti-Israel, anti-Middle East except for Syria due to which they have their main concerns for the defence and the military. Their military is protecting their state with the assistance of 766,055 active troops and about 2,485,000 reserve troops. They have the logistic support of about 31,298 Armoured Fighting Vehicles in which only 15,398 are fighting tanks, and it is the highest number in the world.

Their Air Force is also very powerful, and it has 1,305 attacking Aircraft and about 111 fighting Helicopters. In coming few years, their defensive budget may increase up to 44% compared to the previous years. Despite in state of bans imposed by US and EU, the nation is going to export arms worth nearly 15 billion USD. The state is presently spending $76.6 billion on their defence. This is the reason why Russia is ranked on number 2nd position on the list of the strongest military in the world.

01. The United States of America

The United States of America, who is the torch bearer of the human rights and also the lighthouse of civil rights is the greatest exporter of the weapons with its massive arms industry confronting the competitive Russian firearm industry. The United States fought many wars such as the Japan war, Afghan war, Iraq war, and the most famous Vietnam War. US is spending nearly $612 billion on the defence of their budget, and presently the State is the greatest exporter of weapons in the world.

United State is the super power of the world with a backing of 1,400,000 troops, and also their reserve force is around 1,100,000 so as to defend their country. The national army is adorned with 8,848 tanks, 1934 Self-propelled Guns, 41,062 vehicles, 1,299 Towed – Artillery and MLRSs approaching 1,331. The air power is the best and unique for decades with 2,207 interceptors, 2,797 Fixed wings, 13,892 aircraft, 6196 helicopters 5,366 transport aircraft, and 920 attacks or gunship helicopters as shared by global firepower.

The naval strength carries approximately 13 defence crafts, 62 destroyers, ten frigates, 72 submarines, and 11 mine warfare arsenals.

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