Top 10 Scandalous Secrets of Freemason

Top 10 Scandalous Secrets of Freemason : Freemasons are religious groups, and it stands one of the most secretive and controversial religious groups in the world. Masons have existed over centuries. They having their own beliefs which difficult to understand to common people. The main feature about this religious group is that they keeping Scandalous Secrets and these secrets are practising generation to generation. In fact, it is difficult to find which practices are outdated and which one is still practising. Here is a list of Top 10 Scandalous Secrets of Freemason.

10. They will not testify truthfully against each other

This one in the list of Top 10 Scandalous Secrets of Freemason. Freemasons stands as a superior to everyone and sometimes they do things inappropriate. Even if the fault is on their side, they stand in favour of their community. Freemasons order not to testify truthfully when another Mason is on trial. They think it is not good to say against someone who belongs their groups. They believe that protecting someone who belongs Masons is a great thing even they did anything wrong. But they admit that they are doing things against the law but for them, it is a great sin not protect one of their community.

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