Top 10 Beautiful Highest Paid TV Actresses in 2017

1. Sofia Vergara – $43 Million

This 42 years old Colombian-American actress and model has taken the first spot in this listing. Sofia Vergara is most famous for her Emmy-nominated performance, Gloria on Modern Family for which she received millions every year. She hails from Colombia and also included in the ‘most desirable women in the world’. Her large income is because of her higher industry experience. One of her popular TV series Present Day Loved ones gives her $325,000 for each episode. Mostly she earned from licensing deals and endorsements deals such as Head & Shoulder, Weight reduction plan Pepsi, A line of Rooms to go Furniture and A coffee maker.

So, let us have a quick look at all those actresses who made it upto the top ten list of highly paid TV actresses.
1 Sofia Vergara $43
2 Kaley Cuoco $24.5
3 Mindy Kaling $15
4 Ellen Pompeo $14.5
5 Mariska Hargitay $14.5
6 Kerry Washington $13.5
7 Stana Katic $12
8 Priyanka Chopra $11
9 Julianna Margulies $10.5
10 Julie Bowen $10

Now we know that drama industry and film industry all presents you fame and money as well. And, among the richest people, you can also find actresses too. Acting is a gift which is not owned by everybody. These actresses made millions by simply using their acting skills, and they can now spend a luxurious life.

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