Top 10 Handbags Selling Best In The World

Top 10 Handbags Selling Best In The World: The desire for one accessory or the other keep on increasing for most of the people, women in particular. It could be jewellery, shoes, clothes, watches and anything that is trending. The craze for handbags has also increased with the advent of beautiful and expensive handbags. However, for each woman, the taste may differ, and the one which you like may not be fancied by someone else. Some girls are crazy about clothing while some others may find their interest in shoes or expensive jewellery. When they try to keep up with the trend, they go for several expensive and branded products.
As with the handbags, most women loves to own a handbag which is handy and popular. There are a huge number of brands in the world, and each brand has its own speciality. The variety differs with each brand and when you try to buy a handbag, all that you need to check is the quality of the handbag. Here, in this article, you will be able to find the top ten handbags which have been tagged as the best sellers too.

10. Christian Dior

Christian Dior or Dior is a luxurious branded company of Europe which was established in the year 1946. This is now one of the leading brands in the market and has come into the top ten spots. Cristian Dior handbag is one of the most attractive, and popular bag with its fine quality and texture. Every bag made by this brand is handmade and also has a handcrafted square pattern. It is also fixed with either silver or gold hardware.

9. Burberry

Among the bestselling handbags comes Burberry, which is yet another luxurious brand manufactured in England. It is also the oldest company in the world since it was established in the year 1856. However, it managed to uphold its status in the market all over the world. Burberry is not only famous for handbags, but also for other female accessories too. You would be able to find various actors, models and many other famous personalities using the products of this company. For this reason, the company has franchises and branded stores all over the world. Every year this company introduces various types of attractive bags in the market.

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8. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, founded in New York produces the top notch handbags, perfumes, designer clothes and watches. It is a great silhouette style brand in the world which is managed by a successful American fashion designer Marc Jacob, who is also the head designer of the company. Marc Jacobs provide the most luxurious items in the world, which also includes handbags. This is the reason why it is one of the best-selling brands all over the globe. Marc Jacobs develop the eternal design in retro-inspired fashion with unique and versatile handbags giving it a high-end status in its product series. The style and appearance of the handbags attract most of the ladies and therefore it has become one of the favourite brands. Moreover, they have various outlets all over the globe.

7. Prada

Luxury, Deluxe and high-end could be regarded as the three words that explain the brand ‘Prada’. It is also a brand that provides several other ready to wear leather accessories and fashion products all over the world. It is an Italian luxury fashion organisation which deals with watches, shoes, perfumes and luggage, other than handbags. Therefore Prada is regarded as one of the most classic choices for handbags. Prada is the representation of a simple and creative style with modern and feminine edge thus giving the best options to women to buy a large variety of products.

6. Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a world famous luxurious brand which showcases the best fashion accessories of Spain. This is one stylish brand which produces both expensive and affordable bags. Balenciaga bags are manufactured from a very light, smooth and durable leather. They come with mirrors that are leather framed and also cell phone pockets so as to make it superior to the rest of the brands. You will be able to find two hand straps which you will be able to secure to the bags. Moreover, you will also find a removable longer shoulder strap too.

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5. Hermes

Hermes is also a luxurious product company in the world, manufactured by a French company. The company has captivated the world by providing extraordinary craftsmanship and designs such as Birkin and Kelly which are two additional short brands in the world. The high-profile fashion brand is famous for its leather and lifestyle accessories. All the handbags are made up of high quality leather, and they have good colour for the bags that you will be able to match it up with any dress. Thierry Hermès founded the brand Hermes, and it also sells exclusive winter jackets.

4. Coach

Coach is yet another brand which could be listed among the oldest companies which were founded in the year 1941. They manufacture a wide variety of elegant handbags which will be available in various colours. Coach is made available on five continents in above 1,000 directly-operated stores globally and much more in collaboration with their global wholesale and distributor partners.

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3. Chanel

Chanel has taken the third spot in the list of top ten best-selling handbags with its classy, reliable handbags. Regarding the cost, you could list them under the ‘expensive’ category. However, it is the representation of a classic and stylish handbag. It was first launched in 1955 by Coco Chanel. However, it got a bit redesigned in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld, who combined the iconic CC clutch. This is one of the reasons why it is expensive as well as best selling.

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2. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is one of those brands that does not need any introduction. This stylish and luxurious handbag is something that most of the women craves for. Michael Kors is one of the oldest companies in the world and has won several awards in this respect for rich accessories in the world. Hence this company has a huge number of designs of handbags and thus is known as the best-selling handbag brand in the world. These are a stylish and trending handbag and is pretty expensive too. However, it is worth the value. This brand also has fragrances, shoes, ready to wear accessories, jewellery and many other items too.

1. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is one among those deluxe brands and has taken the top position in this list. It provides the best quality products which are made of leather which is the reason why this brand is marked as expensive. This brand uses the best quality material to make their items. Other than the handbags the company also offers fragrances, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery and several other stylish products particularly for women.

So, if you are on a hunt for some of the best quality handbags, then you can go with any of the above mentioned products. All the handbags that are specified in this article are the best-branded handbags available in the market and are sure to bring a smile on your face.

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