10 Unpleasant Realities Behind The Lobotomy Craze

10 Unpleasant Realities Behind The Lobotomy Craze: We all know about Lobotomy through popular culture. Nowadays, it is used for fixing someone’s mental health problems. Sometimes, we consider it as a joke and other times it is used as an expression to show someone who is brain dead or incapable of caring for themselves. The technique is not that much fair, and it is completely discredited. A lot of people lobotomized for problems like depression or difficult behaviour just decades ago. Some of them still suffering severe problems from irresponsibly performed operations that severed connections in their brains permanently. Here is a list of 10 Unpleasant Realities Behind The Lobotomy Craze.

10. The Procedure Won A Nobel Prize

Today, people considering lobotomy as a big failure and an embarrassing one but during craze, it was a respected procedure. The Lobotomy was improved and developed by a Portuguese doctor named  Egas Moniz. He used lobotomy to treat schizophrenia, and he found success in it. Then another doctor named  Walter Freeman developed it into the quick, behind-the-eyeballs method and today it is called as the transorbital lobotomy. Moniz has received a Nobel Prize for his invention of the procedure. But a question raised about its legitimacy and thousands of people tested. Some of the relatives of the lobotomy victims are tried a lot to get the committee to cancel the award because of its severe problems created through the procedure. But they did nothing and refused to consider the idea. They still believe that lobotomy is an alternative at the time than other schizophrenia treatments.

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