10 Unpleasant Realities Behind The Lobotomy Craze

10 Unpleasant Realities Behind The Lobotomy Craze: We all know about Lobotomy through popular culture. Nowadays, it is used for fixing someone’s mental health problems. Sometimes, we consider it as a joke and other times it is used as an expression to show someone who is brain dead or incapable of caring for themselves. The technique is not that much fair, and it is completely discredited. A lot of people lobotomized for problems like depression or difficult behaviour just decades ago. Some of them still suffering severe problems from irresponsibly performed operations that severed connections in their brains permanently. Here is a list of 10 Unpleasant Realities Behind The Lobotomy Craze.

10. The Procedure Won A Nobel Prize

Today, people considering lobotomy as a big failure and an embarrassing one but during craze, it was a respected procedure. The Lobotomy was improved and developed by a Portuguese doctor named  Egas Moniz. He used lobotomy to treat schizophrenia, and he found success in it. Then another doctor named  Walter Freeman developed it into the quick, behind-the-eyeballs method and today it is called as the transorbital lobotomy. Moniz has received a Nobel Prize for his invention of the procedure. But a question raised about its legitimacy and thousands of people tested. Some of the relatives of the lobotomy victims are tried a lot to get the committee to cancel the award because of its severe problems created through the procedure. But they did nothing and refused to consider the idea. They still believe that lobotomy is an alternative at the time than other schizophrenia treatments.

9. Some Thought It Was Better Than The Alternative

The procedure has received worldwide attention, and Many people think that how such a practice could get rid of all mental illness. But lobotomy has created many severe problems, and the great idea behind the lobotomy is that to help people suffering from schizophrenia or other severe mental illnesses. The procedure includes many risk factors but nobody even aware of this and has done many many brain surgery without knowing what they are doing. Some of them are doing it for right reasons, and some of them think that mental hospitals are the horrors for a mental patient, and the lobotomy will help them to get rid of their mental illness. Treatment sometimes goes wrong when not seeking the real way to cure schizophrenia, many of the patients had no other hope of ever seeing the light of day. Many doctors and patients thought it was a right way out of a terrible situation.

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8. Patient Follow-Up

Moniz was the pioneer of the lobotomy, and Freeman’s zeal has recognised in the US, but the thing is that the two of them often did not see eye to eye. Moniz thinks that Freeman’s ice pick method was not the better way to cure someone’s mental problem. Then he distinguished their methods. Freeman gains success by poking into people’s brains a little too enthusiastically for his own good but Moniz failed. Moniz way is completely wrong and he even not considered the follow-up with patients which are an important one and was performed surgery which is untested. Moniz only focused on keeping his follow-up to examine the people for just a few days after he permanently severed connections in their brains and he did so because he wants to see good results. On the other hand, he did a barbaric form of the practice, but he too believed strongly in following up with patients.

7. Surgically Induced Childhood

Freeman has an important role in developing the idea of lobotomy as well as helped popularise it in the US. There is a term for people who had gone through the lobotomy procedure called ” surgically induced childhood.”Freeman believed that the lack of many normal mental capabilities,  the distraction, the stupefaction, and other problems were because of the lobotomy patients was turning into a younger mental age but he did not think that it was permanent damage affected to the personality by his butchering. Instead, he is; even that the patients would eventually grow up from the starting, and he also believed that the maturation occurs soon and eventually reach the real one. Freeman treated the patients as a child even though they were adults. Freeman also suggested that patient’s parents must consider them as a child if she did anything wrong. In many cases, those who had the procedure become more childish and occur many problems. Such as a propensity to be excited by various stimuli, trouble paying attention, and angry outbursts.

6. Informed Consent

We know that, before you get any major mental r physical treatments, doctors have to inform the patients about the treatments and its risks and complications. Then the patient has to sign various documents showing they are ready to take the treatment. Years before, when lobotomy held, people even know about the treatment and its complications. The thing is that informed consent didn’t exist at that time, and doctors handled the things how they wanted. Freeman disagrees in this criteria, he was right and  If he couldn’t get consent from the patient he’d go to the relatives in the hopes one of them would approve it. In many cases, people were forced to get into the lobotomy against their will by doctors and family members. It is not a fair thing.

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5. It Destroyed People’s Lives

Many doctors are ready to claim huge success rates for their operation, and they concentrate less on the actual damage to the brains of their patients. The lobotomy made them more docile, passive, and easy to control or sometimes much less intelligent. The doctors take this as a simple procedure because they didn’t know about severe problems of their patients. During the days of the lobotomy, unless it killed someone they considered all of the permanent brain damage be a negative side effect of the treatment. The procedure caused many problems and the patients were not cured and got permanent damage that changed who they were, and even they can’t live a normal life. For example, a pregnant lady took this procedure; she was never the same again.

4. Surgery Theater

The same people who are questioning about the Nobel prize for Moniz also thinks that  Freeman was a little too excited about getting to use his ice pick lobotomy procedure whenever he got the chance. It is because of his excitement for putting the procedure. He completes the procedure within 10 minutes wich seems inadequate amount of time to perform something delicate as brain surgery. But he did not agree this statement that he would have to focus more on the procedure by taking some more times. Freeman once performed a staggering 25 lobotomies in a single day. At first, he used electroshock to render patients mostly unconscious, and it is against his ethics and foresight went. Then he inserts his ice picks and start severing brain connections and sometimes he would do both sides of the brain at the same time just to show off. Many people got many problems because he did it in less time.

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3. It Wasn’t Just Used For Severe Mental Problems

Usually, lobotomy is used for behavioural problems and also to cure things like chronic headaches, but it’s also used for many other problems. It is the only option to get rid of schizophrenia. People looking for a lobotomy for many problems and they bring their friends relatives to get lobotomies for all kinds of problems. There was a time when the lobotomy was considered a possible cure for homosexuality. Freeman used it on anyone who wanted or wanted their family. He would give people lobotomies for migraines, depression, postpartum depression, behavioural problems, mild retardation, etc. On the other hand, Moniz preferred more medical forms of the procedure. Freeman did so because he felt that his operation was a great idea for almost everyone.

2. The 2,000 Lobotomized War Veterans

Many people thank soldiers for their service in the US, and there is a federal holiday for war veterans. Many of them suffered mental health problems some of them are homeless. Thus, many soldiers even didn’t get enough treatment for their problems. After world War II many soldiers came back from the war with traumatic experiences and not much of a mental health care system to cure them. Instead of taking the real treatment, the Wall Street Journal discovered that about 2,000 soldiers were given lobotomies and many against their will. Many people get this procedure for absurd things like depression and the other symptoms that were likely from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and also for homosexuality. They become permanently damaged one.

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1. The Chemical Lobotomy Drug

Today, absurd lobotomy is considered as a Barba absurd procedure, and we didn’t know even what is happening. Many doctors disagreed with this procedure, and many agree just because there is no other idea to cure.  Once psychotropic drugs started to come into play, the lobotomy started to lose popularity quickly. Then a new drug has come it is called as  “chemical lobotomy.” many doctors used this procedure for serious psychotic symptoms. At first, it is not for schizophrenia then it has gained wide popularity.  People had moved on to treating mental health problems with drugs.

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