10 Various Facts About The Yakuza

10 Various Facts About The Yakuza : The Yakuza are members of transnational organised crime syndicates originating in Japan. They are notorious in their strict codes of conduct and organised fiefdom-nature. They function internationally and has around 102, 000 members .they have a role in the Japanese media. The main feature is that Yakuza are different from other criminal organisations. Here is a list of 10 Various Facts About The Yakuza.

10. Sokaiya

Sokaiya is the name of a form of large-scale bribery practised by the Yakuza. They usually buy shares in a company then they starts talking about something bad about the company. They are closely associated with Yakuza. They warn the companies by saying that they would threaten in front of public and publicly  humiliate companies and their management. They embarrass the companies and management when they conduct an annual meeting. In Japan, a law came against this illegal activities, but the law did nothing and yakuza or improved in hiding the scheme.

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