10 Various Facts About The Yakuza

10 Various Facts About The Yakuza : The Yakuza are members of transnational organised crime syndicates originating in Japan. They are notorious in their strict codes of conduct and organised fiefdom-nature. They function internationally and has around 102, 000 members .they have a role in the Japanese media. The main feature is that Yakuza are different from other criminal organisations. Here is a list of 10 Various Facts About The Yakuza.

10. Sokaiya

Sokaiya is the name of a form of large-scale bribery practised by the Yakuza. They usually buy shares in a company then they starts talking about something bad about the company. They are closely associated with Yakuza. They warn the companies by saying that they would threaten in front of public and publicly  humiliate companies and their management. They embarrass the companies and management when they conduct an annual meeting. In Japan, a law came against this illegal activities, but the law did nothing and yakuza or improved in hiding the scheme.

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9. Yakuza Crackdown

Yakuza game is Japan’s largest yakuza syndicate. Yakuza game has been a target to the US Government for a crackdown on organised crime. Then American citizens not allowed to make transactions with the leader, Kenichi Shinoda. The main thing about, Kenichi Shinoda is that he is the number seven world’s most crime bosses. US government is also looking Kiyoshi Takayama. As a result, US government put an end to the ties between yakuza and legitimate businesses. It was a difficult task to reduce the yakuza and Shinoda have been arrested. He said  that getting rid of the gangs would leave thousands of dangerous, dispossessed criminals:“If the Yamaguchi-Gumi were to be disbanded, the public order would deteriorate immediately.”

8. Yakuza Relief Efforts

The yakuza group helped many people at the time of tsunami in 2011. The thing is that they are the only people who came to the affected places with aid. They also did great help when an earthquake occurred in Kobe, one of the Jaan’s largest city and they used scooters, boats and a helicopter to deliver supplies around the clogged streets. Some people said about the yakuza that they did much help just because they want to build a good name from the public. They helped when people are struggling to get aid from the authorities. After the 2011 quake, they strive hardly to get aid from the government. The disaster did many damages, and it is impossible for police to keep yakuza out of the clean-up effort, especially since they often operate front companies indistinguishable from legitimate businesses.

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7. Yakuza Magazine

Yamaguchi-Gumi Shinpo is the newly published official magazine of  Yakuza. Yamaguchi-Gumi distributed  to its almost 28,000 members. The magazine includes haiku poetry and articles about the innocent pursuit of angling and entreaties to its readers to perform good works. The magazine is not accessible for everyone. The main purpose of this magazine is that to raise morale amid tougher anti-gang laws and a slew of bad publicity surrounding the Yakuza. One member of Yakuza suggested that it is not a good thing to distribute the magazine to every member of the group because there is a chance to leak out. He also said that creating a liberal magazine was designed for projecting a sophisticated image,  to distance the Yamaguchi-Gumi from violence in the public consciousness.

6. Yubitsume

Yubitsume is a ritual act to atone for offences to another, and it is usually performed by Yakuza. It is all about a sincere apology, and the yakuza members do this when they commit any sin. Yakuza members are forced to atone in a brutal way by chopping off parts of their finger. They start with the tip of their pinkie, but further transgressions require further mutilation. Many gang members are missing most of their left little finger. It has got high demand  for synthetic digits. If they leave the gang  they would face stigma in other parts of society and their missing fingers are difficult to hide.

5. Tattoos

One of the main features of Yakuza members are they have beautiful tattoos on their body. Thus, it will be full body tattoo art. It is done by using  traditional method of manually inserting ink under the skin, known as Izumi. The tattoos indicate a  mark of a person’s bravery due to the pain the method inflicts. It is also used by none- Yakuza and the design include dragons, mountains, and women. Despite this widening trend of tattoos among non-yakuza, they still carry a significant stigma in Japanese society. The mayor of Osaka instituted a ban on government workers with tattoos either they have to work after removing the tattoos or have to look for other jobs in private sector.

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4. Suing The Yakuza (And The Yakuza Suing Back)

A Japanese restaurant owner began the process of suing Kenichi Shinoda, he is the head of  Yamaguchi-Gumi. She said the Shinoda has  “employer’s liability” for gangsters. That indicate he has the demanded protection money and threatened her to burn  down her bar if she didn’t cough up. She lost many things and the damages of  17 million yen, around $2.8 million. She is not the first person to sue the yakuza. During 2008, a group of residents also sued to evict the Dojinkai gang from their headquarters in the city of Kurume. then it lead to a violent war regarding its leadership.

3. Exams

Yamaguchi-Gumi conducted a 12-page exam for its members. It took place when the government passed a law against organized crime. The main aim of the test is that to  keep its members from getting into trouble by making sure they were clued up on the law. The exam includes topics from  dumping industrial waste to vehicle theft. The exam conduct for many purposes and the it is a amusing image that tattooed gangsters sitting in an exam hall after a day of cramming. The main thing about Yakuza is if they face any difficulties they would find another ways to minimize the losses.

2. Initiation Ritual

If the organization recruiting new member there will be a great role to one of the more experienced members. This is called Kobun or child role. The main feature is that the yakuza has a complex leadership structure and each member have to reach the top. The first ritual for a new member is a ceremony based around sake called sakazukigoto in which the member sits opposite his oyabun and the drink is prepared by other members of the group. The new member get small portion while his sponsor’s cup is filled to the brim. Thus it reflects their status in the gang.  Each drinks from their own cup, before swapping and taking another drink, at which point the ceremony is complete. The ceremony shows the creation of what is almost an adoptive father–son bond between the kobun and oyabun.

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1. Yakuza In Politics

During 2012, Japan’s justice minister named Keisu Tanaka forced to leave his post due to his connection with Yakuza group. But usually it is not a matter for Japanese politicians. The Liberal Democrat Party, which has ruled Japan for 54 of the last 58 years, and has a strong links to the Yakuza group. The first LDP prime minister Nobusuke Kishi has dealings with Yamaguchi-Gumi, and he also attended yakuza funerals and weddings. The attractive thing about Yakuza members is that they operate  as campaign workers and bodyguards at the time of elections. They can guarantee a certain number of votes for their favorite candidate. The chairman of a yakuza gang in Kyoto boasted he provided 30,000 votes to elect a particular governor.

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