Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches in the World

Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches in the World : There are many beaches around the world, and some of them are very attractive. People used to visit beaches because it will give a special experience. There are different types of beaches like in stunning colors. It is hard to believe that there are some pink beaches in the world and People prefer these beaches just because of its outstanding atmosphere. A lot of various stunning colors beaches are there, but pink beaches are very special among them. Tiny red organisms live on pieces of shells and dead coral reefs. These lies on the floor of the ocean and are washed onto the shore.  The natural formulations of calcium carbonate from the corals of marine invertebrates, such as hermit crabs, mix with the sands. Some beaches are looks stunning with its attractive colors. Some beaches have a shade of pink, and some are patches of pink. Here is a list of Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches in the World.

10. Elafonisi Beach, Crete – Greece

Elafonisi is an island situated close to the southwestern corner of the Mediterranean island of Crete, and it is a part of a regional unit of Chania. It looks beautiful and stands one of the hidden gems of the world. The main thing about Elafonisi Beach is that it is possible to walk to Elafonisi through the shallow water, and it is lined by a gorgeous beach which covered in pink sand. This pink beach provides many things to the people and children can use this as a playground. Thus, Elafonisi beach gives a special kind of experience, and it can be enjoyed not only children but also everyone.  Elafonisi Beach has a pink shade that is the main feature of this beach, and people prefer this each due to its beauty and attractions.

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