Top 10 World’s Expensive Police Cars

Top 10 World’s Expensive Police Cars : The main objective of the policemen in the country is to serve the public and secure the people. They are periodically updated regarding latest technologies and equipment. The government of different countries provide supercars to policemen to keep their speed to trace the criminals. These cars help them to protect the country from wrong people, and they maintain the peace in the country. Here is a list of Top 10 World’s Expensive Police Cars.

10. US – Dodge Charger Police Interceptor

In the US government has approved a specific speed limit for all the vehicles and if one cross the limit, he would be punishable for the offence. US policemen accepted a challenge, and they will light up blue and red lights in their supercars. These cars are known as  Charger Police Pursuit. Thus, nobody can’t challenge  Charger Police Pursuit. These cars are very fast, and no one can’t overtake these cars. These cars are meant to criminals. There are many improved models are released for the policemen, and each model is designed as the fastest one. The current version of these cars has the powerful V8 engine that provides the car with a horsepower of 292 and the top speed of 147 mph.

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