Top 10 World’s Tallest Women

Top 10 World’s Tallest Women : People always desire for good height, and it helps them to get a beautiful body, but the abnormal height causes many things such as clothes, footwear, health issues and other things. There are some people who think they can’t enjoy many things just because of their heights. Here is a list of Top 10 World’s Tallest Women.

10. Heather Greene

Heather Greene is one of the tallest women in the world. She is from Last Vegas, and she was born in America. She is an award-winning ambassador and the first American Woman to serve on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburg. The main feature of Heather Greene is that her height is about  6ft, 5.5 inches tall and she has received attention from all over the world. Heather Greene is a respected person in the USA just because of her height. Even though she has been facing many problems regarding her height like clothes, but she is perfectly okay with these conditions because she got famous because of her height.

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